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1856+ Songs

Song Name Album Name

TV Boy Drumdrops
TV Inserts Man of the Year Volume 3
TV Jibes You and Your Employees
TV Ruined M K7
Ta-Da for Bass Viol Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
Take Back Conscientious Objector
Take It Easy Sample For Approval
Take Off My Clothes Man of the Year Volume 1
Take Your Own Life Report Card
Takeoff Aviation
Tale of the Sweet Violin Stevie Moore or Less
Talisman Live WFMU 1985
Talk Live at the Speakeasy, 1986
Talk Alone Instrumentality
Tank!, A Amateur Hour
Tape Recorders Stevedore
Tape to Disc The North
Tapioca Tundra Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
Taxman The Jinx
Taylor Stratton School Kaffeeklatsch
Technical Difficulty Sample For Approval
Tee Hee Hee R
Teen Routines Clack!
Teen=Age Eek! A Mouse
Tell Me What You See Man of the Year Volume 4
Tell Me You're Sorry Live at WFMU, 1987
Telly Advert Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
Ten Years Ago Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Termination Papers W.O.M.A.N.
Terribly Honest Swing and a Miss
Testing Live at WFMU, 1987
Tetragrammaton FNI
Thank Hank Purpose
Thank You Girl Man of the Year Volume 4
Thank You Very Much The North
Thankful Amateur Hour
That Food Is Stale Trial and Error
That Long Walk to the Barn 6AM Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
That Means a Lot Man of the Year Volume 1
That's Alright Johna Repertoire
Theme from AG Stevie Moore Often/Pica Elite
Theme from Hurricane David Clack!
Theme from the North The North
Themes 1 & 2 Themes
Themes OK Phlegm Soundtrack
Then, Air All Well and Good
There Are 17 Basic
There Is No God in America Crises
There Is No God in America, Pt. 1 Verve
There Is No God in America, Pt. 2 Verve
There's Nothin' as Sweet as My Baby Man of the Year Vol 2
They Own the Building Man of the Year Volume 4
Thieves in the Choir Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
Thing About Thing, A Purpose
Think About Living With Me Kaffeeklatsch
Thinking Delicate Tension/Moore Stuff
Thirst, A Next/Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
This Hollow Feeling Inside Belief
This Is How I Feel R. Stevie Moore Gets Off
This Is How the Big Girls Play Serving Suggestion
This Is No Time for Foolishness Trial and Error
This Is Your Lucky Day Herald, Goods.
This Time Of Night Logarithms
This Wednesday Delicate Tension
Thousands of Days R. Stevie Moore Gets Off
Thousands of Guys R. Stevie Moore Gets Off
Three Fifty-Seven Column 88
Time Changes CloserthaNever
Time Standstill Glad Music
Time Of Wandering Trial and Error
Time Stands Still It's What's Happening Baby
Time To Leave You and Your Employees
Time To Masturbate K7
Times Have Changed Persevere
Tin Man Live WFMU 1985
Tiny Shakey's Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Tip of My Tongue R. Stevie Moore Is Worth It
Tissues Honey Serving Suggestion
To Name a Few Kaffeeklatsch
To Think... Kaffeeklatsch
Toll Booths Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Tom Wasted Objectivity
Tommy Edison Persevere
Tons On Graycroft
Too Late Column 88
Too Many Girlz Games and Groceries
Too Many Questions Eek! A Mouse
Too Much Mix Repertoire
Too Much Talk FM FM
Took A Wrong Turn How Can You Resist R. Stevie Moore?
Took My Baby W.O.M.A.N.
Topic of Same Next/Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
Tower of Toilets Comeback Special
Traded My Heart for Your Parts Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Traveling Man Live at the Speakeasy, 1986
Treat Me Sheetrock
Trial and Error Trial and Error
Tribute to Liza Minnelli Sheetrock
Trip, The (He Was Nervous) Grease
Trojan-Enz R. Stevie Moore Is Worth It
Trouble Dolls (Instead) 1984U/State of Affairs
True Drums Stevie Moore or Less
Try To Die Drumdrops
Tuktoyaktuk Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
Turmoil 1984U/State of Affairs
Turnin' USA Belief
Turnin' USA Cable TV Spot Belief
Turpentine Cocktail Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Two Failures in the Same Room Repertoire
Two Men and a Dog Play
Two-Tone, Pt. 1 All Twenty Minutes
Two-Tone, Pt. 2 All Twenty Minutes
Tylenol Fall How Can You Resist R. Stevie Moore?

U R True K7
U.R. True Clack!
Umbrella Trial and Error
Unchained Melody Man of the Year Volume 2
Uncle at Nephew's, Pt. 1 Play
Under The Light Play
Undertow, The FNI
Unfinished, The (1952-19??)
Unicorn Flakes Fundraiser
Uniform, Le Aviation
Unlimited Outrage Repertoire
Unsatisfactory Orgasm Umpteenth
Untitled Sample For Approval
Up/Down Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Urban Chipmunks Basic
Urgent Urgent/XVII
Usable Scraps (1952-19??)
Utensils Musts Utter Indifference Subject To Change

VH1 Behind the Music Report Card
VL73 Musts
Valentine's Day Kaffeeklatsch
Vallid Commeants CloserthaNever
Various Perspectives Repertoire
Various R-Tists Report Card
Vaudeville, Tennessee Report Card
Vegetate Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Versailles Instrumentality
Verses Alright Tonight Stevie Moore Invites Comparison
Vibes Are Good Here Persevere
Village Ghetto Land Senior Superlatives
Virtually Throughout R. Stevie Moore Quits
Visa Binge 1984U/State of Affairs
Vitally Needed Aid/Freedom At Last Themes
Vivaldi Strut Dumb Philosophy
Vocal Focus 1984U/State of Affairs
Voice, The (Part 1) Stevie Moore Returns

WXYZ-TV, Pt.1 Stevie Moore Often/Pica Elite
WXYZ-TV, Pt.2 Stevie Moore Often/Pica Elite
Wagg Serving Suggestion
Waiting And Waiting Pop Pain
Waiting For Life to Stop Pow Wow
Wake Up in the Morning FM FM
Walk Away Renee Really?
Walk Softly Darlin' Errorism
Walt Gollender's Breath Pt. 1 Conscientious Objector
Walt Gollender's Breath Pt. 2 Conscientious Objector
Wanna Git to You The North
Want From Me Play
War Dance for Wooden Indians Really?
War Worse Dumb Philosophy
Warmth Of The Sun Belief
Warsh Yer Willy Really?
Watch Me on the News Stevie Moore or Less
Watch Willie Really?
Watcha Doin' R. Stevie Moore Quits
Watchung Disturbed
Way How Can You Resist R. Stevie Moore?
Wayne Wayne Go Away Stevie Moore Often
Wayne, Wayne Nevertheless Optimistic
We Are the Hands Man of the Year Volume 3
We Can Work It Out Amateur Hour
We Fall Out of Windows (Holding Hands) Trial and Error
We Love Ourselves, Don't We? Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
We Miss You Boxheads K7
We Need Your Help You and Your Employees
We're In Vietnam Play
Weary/My Nervous Coughing Senior Superlatives
Weather or Not Man of the Year Volume 1
Weinstein A'Gogo It's What's Happening Baby
Weird Jammin' Now Column 88
Weird New Jersey Save R. Stevie
Welcome Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
Welcome Back Piano Repertoire
Welcome To London Stevie Moore or Less
Welcome To London Part II Stevie Moore or Less
Welcome To The States All Well and Good
Well Come On Baby Dumb Philosophy
Well I Don't Know, I Can't Explain It Themes
West Orange Criterions
Wet Nap Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Wfmu Drumdrops
Wfmu Identifications Sample For Approval
Wfmu Phone-Ins Comeback Special
Wfmu Playlist 7-26-82 Trial and Error
Wfmu Reading How Can You Resist R. Stevie Moore?
What A Sissy K7
What About Fellation You and Your Employees
What Are You Lookin' At Pop Pain
What Do I Do With the Rest of My Life?/Don't Bore Us (Get To The Chorus) Far Out
What Else Am I Not Supposed to Do? Conscientious Objector
What Is A Penis? FNI
What Is A Song? R. Stevie Moore Quits
What Is My Music? R. Stevie Moore Is Worth It
What Is The Matter With Me? Sheetrock
What Shall I Do? Man of the Year Volume 1
What Was I Thinking About? Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
What We Did Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
What Will You Do Logarithms
What You Got New? Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
What'll I Do? Crises
What's Happening?!?! Really?
What's The Point? It's What's Happening Baby!
Whatever Happened to Sex Man of the Year Volume 4
When I Grow Up (To Be a Man) Man of the Year Volume 4
When The Time Comes FM FM
When You Gonna Find Me a Wife Sheetrock
When Your Number's Up Report Card
Where Do I Come From? Urgent/XVII
Where Do The Children Play? Really?
Where Does A Little Tear Come From? Serving Suggestion
Where Does It Go FM FM
Where We Are Right Now Objectivity
Where You Reside What's the Point?!?
Where's Mine Host? Ob Newschk
Where's That Girl? Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Where's The Smashers? Dumb Philosophy
Whereabouts, The All Well and Good
Whiff Kaffeeklatsch
Whispering Pines Senior Superlatives
White Beacon Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
White Music Month Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
Whiter Shade of Pale, A Report Card
Who Deserves It You and Your Employees
Who Gets Crankie Musts
Who Gives a Fuck? Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
Who Is Rick Derringer? Serving Suggestion
Who Killed Davey Moore? Belief
Who Needs Girls R. Stevie Moore Gets Off
Who Stuffed Duf? The Jinx
Who You Gonna Do-Do on Today? Sheetrock
Who'd He End the Blowjobs For? Phlegm Soundtrack
Who's On Drums? Repertoire
Whole Lotta Shakin' Amateur Hour
Whose Blues W.O.M.A.N.
Why Am I Here? Report Card
Why Bye Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Why Can't I Forget Females The North
Why Can't I Write a Hit? Games and Groceries
Why Can't Today Be Tomorrow FM FM
Why Do You Hate Me So Much Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Why Is This So? Criterions
Why Should I Love You Stevie Moore Often/Pica Elite
Why Should I Love You Glad Music
Why Why? Fundraiser
Wicz Radio 1 What's the Point?!?
Wideload Innuendos (NUN2)
Wild World R. Stevie Moore Is Worth It
Wild, Wild Willow Persevere
Wilder Man of the Year Volume 4
Winner, The Stevie Moore Returns
Winner, The #2 R. Stevie Moore Gets Off
Wipe Out Musts
Wired K7
Wish I Had a Cigarette Hundreds of Hiding Places
Witch Banned K7
Witch Breakfast Plight
With Me Tonight R. Stevie Moore Gets Off
Within You Without You R. Stevie Moore Is Worth It
Without Cause Instrumentality
Without Girls W.O.M.A.N.
WithOut Mentioning Any Names W.O.M.A.N.
Without Progress R. Stevie Moore Is Worth It
Without Telling Her It's What's Happening Baby
Witness (At the Rescue) Pop Pain
Wix La Chelme The North
Woken Back Up FM FM
Wolverton Mountain Amateur Hour
Won't Get Fooled Again The Jinx
Wonder Where Conscientious Objector
Wonderful Wonderful Next/Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
Wonders of Me Conscientious Objector
Wonders of Welding, The Games and Groceries
Wontcha Come Along? Stevedore
Words Are Still There, The Amateur Hour
Words from Nashville Dumb Philosophy
World Looks at Me, The On Graycroft
World's Fair Stevie Moore Invites Comparison
World's Fair 2 Stevie Moore Next
World's Fair 3 Aviation
Wormworth Disturbed
Worry Themes
Worry Up Themes
Wouldn't It Be Nice Kaffeeklatsch
Wow & Flutter Themes
Wring Disturbed

X Save R. Stevie Moore

Y'know What I'm Thinking R. Stevie Moore Gets Off
Yellow And Brown Kaffeeklatsch
Yes I'm Ready The Jinx
You Always Want What You Don't Have Games and Groceries
You And Me Stevie Moore or Less
You Are My Friend On Graycroft
You Are Too Far from Me Swing and a Miss
You Are Your Seer Stevie Moore Invites Comparison
You Became to Me The North
You Came Along Just in Time Games and Groceries
You Can R
You Can't Do It That Way It's What's Happening Baby
You Can't Hurry Love R
You Can't Write a Song Stevie Moore Often
You Don't Care Repertoire
You Don't Have to Worry About My Love The North
You Don't Know If I'm Alive 1984U/State of Affairs
You Gotta Bend Man of the Year Volume 1
You Hurt Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
You In The Chair You and Your Employees
You Lost Me Basic
You Love Me, Do Something R. Stevie Moore Is Worth It
You Make Me So Mad! Themes
You Missed, You Fell Stevie Moore or Less
You Must Be Out of My Mind Report Card
You Obnoxious Slob Musts
You Still Believe In Me FNI
You Win Again R. Stevie Moore Gets Off
You Won't Listen To Me FNI
You'll Never Get Me R. Stevie Moore (1952-19??)
You're A Little Baby Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
You're Gonna Lose That Girl Stevie Does the Beatles
You're Inspiring Me Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Young and Beautiful W.O.M.A.N.
Your Brain Wants Urgent/XVII
Your Dancing Ears R. Stevie Moore Is Worth It
Your Daughter and I K7
Your Mother Should Know Stevie Does the Beatles
Your Saliva 1984U/State of Affairs
Yours Serving Suggestion
Yours to Use Phlegm Soundtrack
Yung & Moore Show (Theme 2) Conscientious Objector

Zany's Umpteenth
Zebra Standards 29 Delicate Tension


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