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first logged October 15, 2004

Total Playlist
1856+ Songs

Song Name Album Name

L.R.T. All Well and Good
LRT Demo All Well and Good
Lady Funky Boogy Party Fundraiser
Lake Inferior Stevie Moore Returns
Lake Success CloserthaNever
Lament Fundraiser
Lament For A Dead Love Themes
Landing Gear Aviation
Lariat Wressed Posing Hour Phonography
Larry and Mookie Show Persevere
Last Car of the System, The Eek! A Mouse
Latest Guest (I'm Your) The North
Laugh Laugh Crises
Leather Shoppe, The Delicate Tension/Moore Stuff
Leaving On A Jet Plane Comeback Special
Left Is Right, Right Is Wrong/Deck Chair Report Card
Leftovers Trial and Error
Legend In My Time, A The Jinx
Legend Of The Lege (For FZ) Stevie Moore or Less
Leona Atkins Serving Suggestion
Leslie Disturbed
Let Him Run Wild/Do It Again The North
Let's Delicate Tension/Moore Stuff
Let's Be Sad W.O.M.A.N.
Let's Do It Persevere
Let's Forget the Beatles Sample For Approval
Let's Make the Water Turn Black Pow Wow
Let's Not Talk About It Embarrass Paris
Let's Rest Together All Well and Good
Let's Twist Again Umpteenth
Letter From The Editor Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Lie Like A Dog Subject To Change
Life And Death of an Insect Instrumentality
Life In The Vasoline Irving Plaza NYC (Live 1985)
Lifelike Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
Light My Fire Amateur Hour
Light Supremacy Conscientious Objector
Linda And Gary Stevie Moore Returns
Linger Longer Lucy Love Compartment
Lip Service Games and Groceries
Lisa Marshall's Dream (About R.S.) (1952-19??)
Lisbon Lesbian FM FM
Listing Attic Senior Superlatives
Little Boys Little Girls Trial and Error
Little Gust O' Wind Live at the Speakeasy, 1986
Little Kid Sexual Response Drumdrops
Little Man Stevie Moore Returns
Little Miss Sophisticate (1952-19??)
Little Peggy March Belief
Little Wally Punxout Basic
Little White Plastic Worms Plight
Live Band Play
Living Conscientious Objector
Living Voices 200 How Can You Resist R. Stevie Moore?
Living's Not So Special CloserthaNever
Logarithms Logarithms
London's Not Home Pop Pain
Lone On Graycroft
Loneliness Monologue The North
Lonely Teardrops Stevie Moore Returns
Long Haul Amateur Hour
Long Street Stevedore
Long Train Running Stevie Moore or Less
Long and Winding Road, The Stevie Does the Beatles
Longhair Mentality You and Your Employees
Longing, The Amateur Hour
Longplayphonographicrecordalbums As If Vinyl Didn't Exist
Look At You Platformat
Look Mr. Gottlieb Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
Look in the Toilet Innuendoes (NUN2)
Look in the Toilet #1 Innuendoes (NUN2)
Lost Away Trial and Error
Lost A Loved One Man of the Year Volume 4
Loud Nothing Delicate Tension/Moore Stuff
Louie Louie Stevie Moore Returns
Love Child The Jinx
Love Come Soon Pow Wow
Love Corpse On Graycroft
Love Has Doubt (1952-19??)
Love Is Dead, Pal Objectivity
Love Is For The Birds All Well and Good
Love Is Not for Girls and Boys Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
Love Is The Way to My Heart Stevie Moore Returns
Love Never Works Umpteenth
Love Right Now Musts
Love You Forever? Column 88
Low In Nutrition Sample For Approval
Low Order Phlegm Soundtrack
Luben Tig Criterions

M&M's Love Compartment
Ma Belle Amie Save R. Stevie
Machine, The Column 88
Madeline Disturbed
Madison Tennessee Suite (1971) Belief
Magnusifence Stevie Moore Returns
Mais Oui Musts
Make It Big Man of the Year Volume 2
Make a Wish Man of the Year Volume 3
Makeup Shakeup R. Stevie Moore Quits
Making Myself Miserable Column 88
Malpractice Umpteenth
Mama Weer All Crazee Now Everything
Mambo Caviar All Well and Good
Man With the Cigar Nevertheless Optimistic
Man Without a Gland Piano Lessons
Man Without a Purpose The Jinx
Man in the Park Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Man of Me Herald, Goods.
Man of Next Year? Man of the Year Volume 4
Man of Steel Undercontract Ob Newschk
Mandatory All Well and Good
Manufacturers Swing and a Miss
Many Gripes Live at WFMU, 1987
Many More Radio Bits R
Maraschino Valley Stevie Moore Returns
Marathon Time 2667911 You and Your Employees
March of the Dumb Drum Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
Margin Of Error 1984U/State of Affairs
Marshmallow Barracuda Disturbed
Martha My Dear Stevie Does the Beatles
Martyrdom Kaffeeklatsch
Mary Mae Gets a Stereo Urgent/XVII
Mary Mae Sings Kansas (1952-19??)
Mason Jar Stevie Moore Returns
Mass Assembly Games and Groceries
Master of Melody FM FM
Masterpiece Flesh Sample For Approval
Maximum/The Reply Herald, Goods.
Maxphone and Irwindrum Delicate Tension/Moore Stuff
Maxwell's Intro Drumdrops
Mayonnaise Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Mayonnaise Sandwich Man of the Year Volume 3
Me Not Right Swing and a Miss
Me So Horny Conscientious Objector
Me? Bitter? Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Meagan Elimination R. Stevie Moore Quits
Meat Shortage Innuendoes (NUN2)
Medium Dark Walls Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Medley 1-4 Live at Tonic, NYC
Meeting That Couldn't Be, The Games and Groceries
Melbourne Stevie Moore Returns
Merry Melodies Man of the Year Volume 3
Messiah (Fragment) Man of the Year Volume 1
Mexico Midi-Bran Piano Rolls
Mga Crises
Mia Tua (Li'l Wally) Sample For Approval
Michelob Intro R. Stevie Moore Is Worth It
Mickey Instrumentality
Midsummer Reflection On Graycroft
Mighty Short Piece Next/Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
Mightyshortpieceforallofthiswaste Stevie Moore Invites Comparison
Migraine Fundraiser
Milk Shake Stevie Moore Returns
Mine Ear's Plaza Stevie Moore Invites Comparison
Minneapolis Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Misplacement Pow Wow
Miss Understood K7
Mister Christ Play
Mix Decision Pop Pain
Mixamatic Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Mod-Ern (Track 2) Belief
Modern Radio Programming FM FM
Mom and Dad Man of the Year Volume 2
Money Trickling In Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Monitor Conscientious Objector
Monkeypliers Kaffeeklatsch
Monument Is Artistry Disturbed
Mood Essay Musts
Moodswing 1 All Well and Good
Moodswing 2 All Well and Good
Mookie D.P./Modern Man of the Year Volume 3
Moon August Innuendoes (NUN2)
Moon River Column 88
Moons Next
Moore Radio Excerpts R
Moore on WMSC Delicate Tension/Moore Stuff
Mooremusic Love Compartment
More ID's by Roger Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
More Moores Than I Can Deal With Clack!
More Than Cookies Dumb Philosophy
Most of the Problem Themes
Most Powerful Statement in History, The 1984U.
Motion Sickness Tablets Pop Pain
Mr. Dyingly Sad R. Stevie Moore Quits
Mr. Moore Persevere
Mr. Nashville Phonography
Music For Bed R
Music For Oed R
Music For Oed Part Two R
Music Lekture FNI
Music Lessons Save R. Stevie
Music So Good You Don't Know It Pop Pain
Music To Watch Girls By Love Compartment
Muss I Denn Man of the Year Volume 3
My Baby's Losin' His Mind Disturbed
My Bad Music R. Stevie Moore Quits
My Clothes (1977 Fla.) Kaffeeklatsch
My Companion The Jinx
My Drugs FNI
My Friend Is Gone Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
My Job Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
My Life Could Be Better Without You Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
My Life Is Not a Joke (1952-19??)
My Little Automobile Is Sad Delicate Tension/Moore Stuff
My Name Is John Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
My Nine Girls Stevedore
My Other Voice Save R. Stevie
My Poem Senior Superlatives
My Truth On Graycroft
My Young Lady Criterions
Mykal Board All Well and Good
Myth of Mystique, The Trial and Error

N B How Can You Resist R. Stevie Moore?
Nadir Repertoire
Nadir 3 & 4 It's What's Happening Baby
Naked Stevedore
Name Tag the Entertainer Take 12 Conscientious Objector
Namedropper Stevie Moore Often/Pica Elite
Nasal Passage Trial and Error
Nashville Connection, The Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
National Anthem R. Stevie Moore Quits
Near Tonight Games and Groceries
Near You FM FM
Need a Cheeseburger Sample For Approval
Negligence Piano Lessons
Neurosis #10 FNI
Never Be Chowmein R. Stevie Moore Quits
Never Ever R
New Adults, The R. Stevie Moore Is Worth It
New Enemy Report Card
New Girl Swing and a Miss
New Jersey Games Games and Groceries
New Phonographers, The RSM Family Album Vol. 3
New Rose As If Vinyl Didn't Exist
New Strings Delicate Tension/Moore Stuff
New Talent Needed All the Time Swing and a Miss
New Wave Sample For Approval
New York Mining Disaster 1980 Drumdrops
New Yorkus Next/Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
News Brief Case Column 88
Nice Pastel Remix Stevedore
Nice Pastel Shades How Can You Resist R. Stevie Moore?
Nico Knee Puccini Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
Nicotine Need Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
Night Mayor of the City Stevie Moore or Less
Night Sleep Phlegm Soundtrack
Nine Lives 1984U/State of Affairs
Nipple Boy Logarithms
No Body (1952-19??)
No Hitter (Instant Replay) FM FM
No Job FM FM
No Know Teenage Spectacular
No Moore Music Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
No News Is Good News Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
No One Happens Man of the Year Volume 4
No One Happens/Saturdays All Well and Good
No One in the Whole Fucking Race Cares (1952-19??)
No Sports Musts
No Success Story W.O.M.A.N.
No Talking Games and Groceries
No Zipper Stevie Moore Invites Comparison
No Zipper J Stevie Moore Invites Comparison
Nobody The R. Stevie Moore Family Album, Vol. 3
Nobody But Showtime Persevere
Noggin '85 Umpteenth
Noise, The Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Noise Reprise, The Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
Noise of Speech, The How Can You Resist R. Stevie Moore?
Non Sequitur I-V Teenage Spectacular
Noo Wave Instrumental Column 88
Normal Cassettes Themes
Normal Standards of the Job Eek! A Mouse
Norway The North
Norway Glad Music
Nose Blows Man of the Year Volume 2
Not 1971 Man of the Year Volume 3
Not A Second Time The North
Not Comfortable All Well and Good
Not For 13-Year-Old Girls, Pt. 2 Play
Not Impressed Themes
Not One Friend Fundraiser
Not Sold in Stores Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
Nothing Plight
Nothing Can Stop Me Now Play
Now That I Have Your Bucks K7
Nowhere Man R. Stevie Moore Gets Off
Nth Stevie Moore or Less
Number One in a Series Pathos/Pioneer Paramus

O'Fam Disturbed
Ob Newschk Ob Newschk
Objectivity Objectivity
Objektiviti Really?
Obscene Zines Musts
Oedipus R
Official Tapography How Can You Resist R. Stevie Moore?
Oh Baby Baby Baby Sample For Approval
Oh Daddy Love Compartment
Oh Linda Man of the Year Volume 3
Oh My Papa Report Card
Oh Pat Delicate Tension
Oh Yeah Pow Wow
Oil Persevere
Okay? Phlegm Soundtrack
Okes (Still Marching) Eek! A Mouse
Old Stevie Moore Often/Pica Elite
Old Clothes To Sell Umpteenth
Old Man Bare Table As If Vinyl Didn't Exist
Oldest Numbers Far Out
Olive Frog Swing and a Miss
On Abe As If Vinyl Didn't Exist
On MTV/From Paris All Well and Good
On The Air on Mike You and Your Employees
On The Brag Man of the Year Volume 2
On The Butt Themes
On The Phone 1-6 Delicate Tension/Moore Stuff
On The Radio 1-7 Delicate Tension/Moore Stuff
On The Rag R. Stevie Moore Quits
On The Spot Teenage Spectacular
On Top of the World Really?
Once And For All The North
Once in a Lifetime/This Is My Life Stevie Moore Returns
Once Your Love Sample For Approval
One Mike, On the Air Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
One Moore Time R. Stevie Moore Quits
One Night Amateur Hour
One Of Five Organize Dumb Philosophy
One Of The Worst Singers In The World Repertoire
One Sight of Me Pow Wow
One Time I Call Ya, The W.O.M.A.N.
One Two It's What's Happening Baby
One Who Really Loves You, The Senior Superlatives
Only Shallow Really?
Ono Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Oozing With Talent Embarrass Paris
Open Can Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
Open Your Eyes and Close Your Mouth 1984U/State of Affairs
Opera Houses Delicate Tension/Moore Stuff
Oral Fixation 1984U/State of Affairs
Orders How Can You Resist R. Stevie Moore?
Organization Aviation
Orgatron Belief
Other Ancestors Aviation
Other Option Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Our Fabulous Communication The North
Our Metaphor Conscientious Objector
Out of Breath Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Outer Comments Swing and a Miss
Outpatient Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Outtake Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Oven Love Subject To Change
Over A Girl Column 88
Over A Girl The RSM Family Album
Oversm Man of the Year Volume 2
Overture Man of the Year Volume 3
Overworked and Underpaid Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Oy (Priests) Eek! A Mouse

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