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first logged October 15, 2004

Total Playlist
1856+ Songs

Song Name Album Name

P.C. 8 Fundraiser
Paintings of Pairs Report Card
Paper Sun Phlegm Soundtrack
Pardon My Lifestyle Dumb Philosophy
Parents R. Stevie Moore Gets Off
Park Street The North
Part of the Problem Clack!
Part of the Problem (Live) Drumdrops
Pasketti Children's Museum
Pasketti/Do It Again Games and Groceries
Pastiche of Horror Man of the Year Volume 4
Pastor of Polaris 1984U/State of Affairs
Pat On The Back 1984U/State of Affairs
Path Of Joy, The Criterions
Pattern Sample For Approval
Pay Me R. Stevie Moore Is Worth It
Pay The Price R. Stevie Moore Quits
Peak Demand Hours Drumdrops
Peaks And Valleys Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Peanut Butter and Jelly Man of the Year Volume 2
Pedestrian Hop The North
Peeping Tom on the Reeperbahn Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
Penalities of Perjury Man of the Year Volume 1
Pencil / Eraser Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Pennsylvania Bio Conscientious Objector
Permission to Be Disturbed
Persevere Persevere
Persistence of Vision Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
Personal Evaluation Criterions
Personal Evaluation II Column 88
Phallus Gap How Can You Resist R. Stevie Moore?
Phantom of the Grand Ole Opry Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
Philosophy of the World Senior Superlatives
Phonecall All Well and Good
Pianid Themes
Pianist Envy Column 88
Piano Lessons Piano Lessons
Pica Elite Stevie Moore or Less
Picture, The The North
Piggly Wiggly Man of the Year Volume 2
Pin the Tail on the Donkey Trial and Error
Pinchroller Dies Themes
Pink Litmus Paper Shirt R. Stevie Moore Is Worth It
Pitfalls of Plumbing, The Themes
Plaking Taste pt. 1 & 2 Logarithms
Plastic Noise Amateur Hour
Play Play
Play Myself Some Music (demo) All Well and Good
Play Myself Some Music Teenage Spectacular
Please Don't Hit Me Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
Please Let Me Sleep Purpose
Please Remember Herald, Goods.
Pledge Your Money K7
Plenty of Ball Action Sample For Approval
Plight Plight
Plodding Themes
Plus Dozens More Herald, Goods.
Polska String Quartet #4 Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
Poor Jenny Man of the Year Volume 3
Pootking Umpteenth
Pop Music Next/Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
Pop Pain Pop Pain
Popeye Song Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
Poptones Plight
Port Authority As If Vinyl Didn't Exist
Port Said Stevedore
Pose Man of the Year Volume 4
Posthumous Kaffeeklatsch
Potato Chips/Lover's Quarrel Grease
Potluck Senior Superlatives
Poverty XVII Urgent/XVII
Pow Wow Pow Wow
Powdo Stevie Moore or Less
Powdo Ending Stevie Moore or Less
Power Repertoire
Power On Really?
Prayer Pathetique Tra La La La Phooey!
Prayer To A Candle On Graycroft
Prayer To Any God Senior Superlatives
Premierdrums Love Compartment
Prepared Guitardish R
Pretend For A Second That You Are Very Intelligent Sample For Approval
Pretty Much Outta Touch On Standby
Pretty Musica 1984U/State of Affairs
Pretty Senorita CloserthaNever
Pretty Vacant Comeback Special
Previously Unissued Man of the Year Volume 3
Prevuo Repertoire
Pro People Persevere
Proper Attire You and Your Employees
Protestician Ob Newschk
Proud Girl, The Basic
Psycle FM FM
Public Image Amateur Hour
Puke Senior Superlatives
Punk Funk (For Spider) Live Irving Plaza
Pure Imagination Disturbed
Purpose Purpose
Puttin' Up the Groceries Games and Groceries
Puzzling Evidence Ex. 1 FM FM
Puzzling Evidence Ex. 2 FM FM

Quarter Peep Show Next/Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
Quartet For Unanswered Phones Subject To Change
Questions Live at the Speakeasy, 1986
Quits 1 R. Stevie Moore Quits
Quo Pah Stevie Moore Returns

R. Stevie's Brain Report Card
RPWM I'm Sorry Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
RSM Blues Man of the Year Volume 1
Radio Ha! Criterions
Radio Hat! Criterions
Radio Hate! Criterions
Radio Helpline Disturbed
Radios Stevie Moore Invites Comparison
Radios Studio Ethos
Rain Purpose
Rain Belief
Rainy Weekend The Jinx
Rake, The Serving Suggestion
Ram On The Jinx
Random Reaction K7
Raring to Go Stevie Moore or Less
Rat's Nest It's What's Happening Baby
Rather Ripped Delicate Tension/Moore Stuff
Reach Out (I'll Be There)/My Sweet Lord Report Card
Ready Mades Persevere
Ready Set Grow (Disco Version) Stevie Moore Returns
Ready for What? Pop Pain
Real Christmas, The Dumb Philosophy
Reason My Art Fails, The Musts
Recap Belief
Recital #1-#16, #19 Persevere
Recollection Platelunch K7
Records Piano Lessons
Recreation 101 CloserthaNever
Red Rubber Ball (1952-19??)
Reefer Man of the Year Volume 2
Refried Boogie Sample For Approval
Reheat Disturbed
Reminder Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
Reminiscing Umpteenth
Repeat Logarithms
Repercussions of Bloodshed Repertoire
Repertoire Repertoire
Reprise Man of the Year Volume 4
Request Line FNI
Residents, The Pow Wow
Resistance How Can You Resist R. Stevie Moore?
Resolve Dissolve Swing and a Miss
Rest 2 Gether All Well and Good
Reverend Doctor William Anderson/Sam Was a Man Grease
Revolution Belief
Rhetoric of the Ladies Sheetrock
Rhythm 'N Bluesish Blues Umpteenth
Rhythm No. 6 Dumb Philosophy
Ribge Excuse Tempo/Prize Catch Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
Right Before Bed Man of the Year Volume 3
Right Down on You Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
Right Perfume, Wrong Mouthwash Themes
Right Words, The Trial and Error
Rightwords Trial and Error
Rigmarole Ob Newschk
Ring Of Fire Repertoire
River Games and Groceries
Rock 'N' Roll Kit K7
Rock 'N' Roll Mistake W.O.M.A.N.
Rock 'N' Roll Suicide FM FM
Rock and Roll Kit Play
Rock and Roll Medley Swing and a Miss
Rockets by Two Next/Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
Rocking Chair Theory Sample For Approval
Rocky Mountain High Comeback Special
Roger, Go With Throttle Up Man of the Year Volume 1
Roger's Eye Dees Column 88
Rogerogerogerogerunning Save R. Stevie 2
Romanticism Themes
Rookie Sample For Approval
Rose Garden The Future Is Worse Than the Past
RSM's Protest Song Live at the Speakeasy, 1986
Ru Disturbed
Run to Him (1952-19??)
Runaway With Me Musts
Runaway, Mouse Persevere
Running Water R. Stevie Moore Quits
Runs, The Trial and Error
Rural Rhapsody Themes
Ryman Auditorium Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2

S C N X 13 1/4 Man of the Year Volume 2
STC Repertoire
Sacred and The Profane, The Conscientious Objector
Sad Ballad for Brian Man of the Year Volume 3
Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands Save R. Stevie
Safe Reliable and Courteous Play
Salesmanshit You and Your Employees
Same Clack!
Sand in My Eyes Pow Wow
Santa Claus Has Got The AIDS This Year Plight
Santa Claus on a Cross Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Satisfaction (I Can't Get No) Sample for Approval
Sausage Stand, The Plight
Say Man Belief
Scale 12 NCR 280 Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Scenario Monolog Delicate Tension/Moore Stuff
School of Nonsense Repertoire
Schoolgirl Delicate Tension
Schwann Catalog Conscientious Objector
Scramsville 1984U/State of Affairs
Scraps Man of the Year Volume 1
Screamsman K7
Secret Mission Really?
See More Glass Save R. Stevie
Segments of Truth Stevie Moore or Less
Semiphore 1 and 2 Disturbed
Senator Suicide Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
Senility 1618 Stevedore
Sentimental Sucks Repertoire
Separate Music From Money W.O.M.A.N.
September 7/11 Report Card
Servomechanism Kaffeeklatsch
Set a Dollar Bill on Fire Serving Suggestion
Seven Second Delay Love Compartment
Sex Wants Me Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Sex With You All Well and Good
Shakin' In the Sixties R. Stevie Moore Is Worth It
Shakin' In the Sixties Glad Music
Shakin' My Head in Disbelief Far Out
Sharper Sound Themes
She Broke Both Our Hearts Save R. Stevie
She Don't Know What to Do With Herself Stevie Moore Often/Pica Elite
She Has Power Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
She Loves Me Not Save R. Stevie
She Said She Said Stevie Does the Beatles
She Wants Everything Column 88
She's A Scream K7
She's Backwards in P.E. Basic
She's Dead Swing and a Miss
She's Not Ready (I Won't Wait) It's What's Happening Baby
She's The One Grease
She's The One Stevie Moore Often/Pica Elite
She's Too Busy Musts
Sheetmusic73 Trial and Error
Shifts You and Your Employees
Shit, The The North
Shitting On The Poor Eek! A Mouse
Shock Absorbers All Well and Good
Shoplifter Saga Trial and Error
Short Game Games and Groceries
Show Biz Is Dead Dumb Philosophy
Showbiz Is Dead Kaffeeklatsch
Showing Shadows Stevie Moore Often/Pica Elite
Showing Shadows/That Long Walk to the Barn 6 AM Family Album Vol 3
Sicilian Disturbed
Sidelines Innuendoes (NUN2)
Sidepocket Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
Sidewalk Surfin' Is Back Man of the Year Volume 3
Signal Belief
Signoff (Count-Off) Sample For Approval
Silent Afterthought Piano Lessons
Sillie Nuff 2 Column 88
Silly Enough to Dance Pop Pain
Simulated Music Repertoire
Since You've Gone Man of the Year Volume 4
Sing Herald, Goods.
Singers Arise Subject To Change
Sir Real Fundraiser
Sit Down Clack!
Sits Musts
Sketch for Margaux Pathos/Pioneer Paramus Skin Mags Crises
Skip Digitals Persevere
Skipping Paragraphs R
Sky Blues Aviation
Skyrocketin' All Well and Good
Sleep It Off Play
Slo-Mo Man of the Year Volume 1
Small Change Man of the Year Volume 2
Small Synthesizer Demonstration Instrumentality
Sman Basic
Smartz Drumdrops
Smgoodies Pow Wow
Smokin' Man of the Year Volume 3
Smooth Sailing Love Compartment
Snlod K7
Snores All Well and Good
Snuffy Goes On Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
Snuffy Stops By Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
So Be It Soviet FNI
So Lonely Live at WFMU, 1987
So Long, Everybody Man of the Year Volume 1
So Much Personality Pow Wow
So Much in Love R. Stevie Moore Is Worth It
Social Purgatory Plight
Social Studies Buddies Conscientious Objector
Society in General Sample For Approval
Some Might Say Far Out
Some Other Guy Live WFMU 1985
Some Voices Delicate Tension
Somebody Up There Hates Me Pop Pain
Something Else Entirely 1984U/State of Affairs
Sometimes I'm Happy Amateur Hour
Sometimes I'm Sorry Sample For Approval
Somewhere in the Stars Stevedore
Song Is You, The Amateur Hour
Song Remains the Same, The Man of the Year Volume 3
Song Time/Menthol Thigh Grease
Song for Mother Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Song for You to Listen To, A Love Compartment
Song in Motion Musts
Songs Stevie Moore Invites Comparison
Sonny's Chevrolet Delicate Tension/Moore Stuff
Sophisticated Sleep Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
Sorry Drumdrops
Sort of Way (demo) Stevie Moore Invites Comparison
Sort of Way 1 Stevie Moore Invites Comparison
Sort of Way 2 Stevie Moore Returns
Sort of Way 3 Love Compartment
Soul On My Shoe Themes
Soul Zensation Really?
Sour Slats R. Stevie Moore Gets Off
Sox Man of the Year Volume 1
Spaces/The Leathershop Sample For Approval
Spanish Bombs Report Card
Speak 'N' Spell Basic
Spend Your Money Repertoire
Sperm Concern Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Splem Jeague 3 Verve
Sponge Bath Contact Risk
Spontaneous Drummer Live at Mercury Lounge
Spontania Amateur Hour
Spot, The Phonography
Spunky Monkey Business Meeting Senior Superlatives
Square Good For Man of the Year Volume 3
Srerutcafunam The North
Stab Wound Fundraiser
Stacy McGrath Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
Stage Backwards Kaffeeklatsch
Stage Fun Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
Staggering Man of the Year Volume 1
Staid Scenery All Well and Good
Starting in the Middle of the Day We Can Drink Our Politics Away Far Out
Starving Soliloquy Ob Newschk
State Of Affairs Column 88
State Of Paralyzed Fear, A CloserthaNever
Statement You and Your Employees
Station Identifications Musts
Stayin' Alive 1984U/State of Affairs
Step It Up It's What's Happening Baby
Stereo Soundcheck/Comeback Special Live at Tonic, NYC
Stern Highpoint Dumb Philosophy
Steve Swing and a Miss
Stevedore Stevedore
Stevie Pink Javascript The Jinx
Steviestorys by John Savory 1984U/State of Affairs
Sticky Numb Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Stoddard Sample For Approval
Stool Pigeons/School Teachers Next/Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
Stop Following Me Themes
Stop Makin' Fun O' Me You and Your Employees
Stop Now? Man of the Year Volume 2
Stories Don't Coincide Report Card
Story Stevie Moore or Less
Story of Steve R. Stevie Moore Family Album, Vol. 3
Straight A's Man of the Year Volume 1
Straight Answer? Kaffeeklatsch
Strange, The Glad Music
Strawberry Fields Forever Stevie Does the Beatles
Street Fighting Man Plight
Strict Surveillance Swing and a Miss
Striving Basic
Structure of Love The North
Struggling Artist, The You and Your Employees
Stuart's Party Far Out
Stuck Umpteenth
Stuck Together FM FM
Studio Animals R. Stevie Moore (1952-19??)
Stunted Growth 1984U/State of Affairs
Stupidiatrics K7
Subject To Change Subject To Change
Subjectivity Conscientious Objector
Such Are the Times Umpteenth
Suicideburns Logarithms
Suite: Carbonation & Whatever Phlegm Soundtrack
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes Plight
Summer Day Reflection Song You and Your Employees
Summons It's What's Happening Baby
Sunday Samba On Graycroft
Sunrise Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Superiority Complex Stevedore
Surfer Girl Amateur Hour
Surfin' Bird Man of the Year Volume 4
Survey in Vial Basic
Suspense Account Themes
Suspicion The North
Swans Conscientious Objector
Swat U Do All Well and Good
Swings' Eulogy Sheetrock
Syd Nathan's Blues Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
Symphony Eight Double Delicate Tension/Moore Stuff
Symphony for One Instrument in Four Movements Sample For Approval

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