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first logged October 15, 2004

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Song Name • Album Name

D.J. Fib • How Can You Resist R. Stevie Moore?
D.J.P.S.A. • Stevedore
Daddy Don't • Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
Daddy's Dead • Logarithms
Daglian • How Can You Resist R. Stevie Moore?
Dakota Dub • R. Stevie Moore Gets Off
Damsel In This Dress • Save R. Stevie
Dance Man • Swing and a Miss
Dance Of The Pennywhistles • Comeback Special
Dance Of The Sugarplum Fairies • Comeback Special
Dancin' At The Bank • R. Stevie Moore Quits
Dancing In The Mirror • Plight
Danny Newberry • Next/Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
Darn That Dream • The North
Dates • Stevie Moore Invites Comparison
Dates • Stevie Moore Often
Dates • Love Compartment
Dawn Breaks • FNI
Day At Work, A • Logarithms
Day Trippa • Basic
Days Before His Death • (1952-19??)
Days Never End • Serving Suggestion
Daze • Love Compartment
Deaf Child Area Code • Platformat
Debbie • Pow Wow
Decade End • Persevere
Deck the Halls • Belief
Decline and Fall of Me, The • Live at Mercury Lounge
Deemed Inappropriate • Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
Deep Breath • Conscientious Objector
Deep Kiss • Musts
Defeating the Purpose • Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Delicate Tension • Delicate Tension
Delicate Tension (vocal) • R. Stevie Moore Gets Off
Deluged With Advice • It's What's Happening Baby
Demolition of Overton Park Shell • Far Out
Dennis • Comeback Special
Deported from Nauru • Kaffeeklatsch
Deuxes Speekce • CloserthaNever
Devil Glitch • Really?
Dewey Decimal System • Love Compartment 
Dialog • Basic
Diary • All Well and Good
Diary Products • All Well and Good
Dick Dale Don't Die • Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
Diddntdntdntdnt • Trial and Error
Diddy Wah Diddy • Platformat
Diet Pepsi and Rum • Pow Wow
Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals • Really?
Dirty Woman • Games and Groceries
Dirty Woman Revisited • K7
Disappearing Act • Themes
Disaster In The USA • The Day the Earth Stood On Stilts
Disclaimer • Report Card
Disco Freaks • Conscientious Objector
Discodiscodiscodisco • Conscientious Objector Discussion of Jim's Song (Live) • Drumdrops
Disillusionment of Youth/Trial Offer • Grease
Disinterest Rate • All Well and Good
Ditch Me • How Can You Resist R. Stevie Moore?
Divorce Court • Conscientious Objector
Do I Love You? • Urgent/XVII
Do Smoke • Umpteenth
Do The Strand • Platformat
Do You Feel About the Same? • Sheetrock
Do You Feel It • Stevie Moore Often/Pica Elite
Documeant • Umpteenth
Doesn't One • Repertoire
Dogs and Regret • Umpteenth
Donavan the Expatriate • Platformat
Don't Ask Me • Purpose
Don't Be Ridiculous • Sample For Approval
Don't Blame Me • K7
Don't Blame the Niggers • Delicate Tension
Don't Change • Repertoire
Don't Let It Bring You Down • Man of the Year Volume 4
Don't Let Me Cry on You • Stevie Moore Often/Pica Elite
Don't Let Me Go to the Dogs • Swing and a Miss
Don't Let Me Go to the Dogs • Glad Music
Don't Let Me Go to the Dogs (baroque) • Far Out
Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder) • Comeback Special
Don't Think Twice • Man of the Year Volume 1
Don't Wake Me Up • Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Dormitory Girls • As If Vinyl Didn't Exist
Dow vs. Mathers • Piano Lessons
Down • Conscientious Objector
Down At The Station • Sample For Approval
Downlove • Drumdrops
Dramatic Seen • FNI
Dream-Fade • Stevie Moore or Less
Dreaming • Man of the Year Volume 4
Drew University • Serving Suggestion
Driving Beat, The • W.O.M.A.N.
Drop Number III • Drumdrops
Drugs PSA • All Well and Good
Dryshave • Persevere
Duet for Two • Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Dumb Philosophy • Dumb Philosophy
Dye • Repertoire
Dying Young • Musts
Dynamite • Comeback Special

E Not Laid • Instrumentality
E.T. • Man of the Year Volume 1
ET3400 • Sample For Approval
Ears' Ultimate Goal • How Can You Resist R. Stevie Moore?
Earth/Last Dime/Into the Sea • Grease
Eat My Love • Basic
Eat NY? • Man of the Year Volume 4
Eating My Own Flesh • 1984U/State of Affairs
Eating Paper Drinking Ink • Pop Pain
Eaux Eaux Eaux • Musts
Ed Humphrey's Promotion • Dumb Philosophy
Edison (KO) • Persevere
Edisonia Intro • Persevere
Edisonia Suite • Persevere
Eenque Pen • Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
Eff-Urt • Musts
Eiffel Tower 4 A.M. (with a storm approachlng) • CloserthaNever
Elation Damnation • All Well and Good
Eleanor Rigby • Stevie Does the Beatles
Electrons • The Jinx
Electropus 1978 • Stevie Moore or Less
Elephant Talk • Disturbed
Elvis and His Boss • Senior Superlatives
Emergency Services • Themes
Emily Dickinson • The Jinx
Emphasighs • As If Vinyl Didn't Exist
Empire of Ash • Report Card
Employees Must Wash Hands • Platformat
Encore Medley • Live at Tonic, NYC
English Competition • FM FM
Enough Enough • Column 88
Epilogue • Sheetrock
EQ-IQ • Piano Lessons
Errands to Run • Phlegm Soundtrack
Ersatz Theme • Hundreds of Hiding Places
Essex Coast, The • Crises
Estes Kefauver • Aesthetic
Esther's Theme • Crises
Estrogen/Chicken Shit Little Wimp • Persevere
Et2ee • Eek! A Mouse
Etch-A-Sketch • FM FM
Ethan Sequence • Games and Groceries
Ethnic Cleanser • Far Out
Ethos Pre-Fame Interview for MTSU • Ob Newschk
Ethos Scraps 1-5 • Ob Newschk
Ethosymposium • Ob Newschk
Europe • On Graycroft
Europe • Next
Evelyn Place Tapes • Love Compartment
Evelyn Road • Conscientious Objector
Even Me • Play
Even Tho • Dumb Philosophy
Evening Sun • Report Card
Every Little Girl Delights The Senses • W.O.M.A.N.
Every Man Deserves the Best • Herald, Goods.
Every Time • Man of the Year Volume 2
Everybody Is So Ignorant • Stevie Moore Returns
Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Monkey • Love Compartment
Everybody's Happy Nowadays • Plight
Everybody's Talkin' • The Jinx
Everybody's Ugly In the Morning • Eek! A Mouse
Everyone But Everyone • Belief
Everyone Knows I Care • (1952-19??)
Everyone for Governor • Basic
Everything • 1984U/State of Affairs
Everything • Conscientious Objector
Everything In That • Logarithms
Everything Is Wrong Right Now • FNI
Evolated • FM FM
Exercise • 1984U/State of Affairs
Exodus • R. Stevie Moore's Three Blazers
Expiration Date • It's What's Happening Baby
Expl. Of an Expr. • Delicate Tension/Moore Stuff
Explanation of Artist • Phonography
Explanation of Listener • Stevie Moore Often/Pica Elite
Eyes Eyes Eyes • Trial and Error

F in Art • Musts
F-Art • Musts
Facade Excerpt • Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
Fallen Love • Live at WFMU, 1987
Falling • Kaffeeklatsch
Falling Falling Falling • Umpteenth
Falling in Love With a Black Girl • Man of the Year Volume 3
Family Affair • Senior Superlatives
Fantastic Life • Really?
Fantasy Workers • Aesthetic
Far from Pornography • R. Stevie Moore Gets Off
Fast Food Fast • 1984U/State of Affairs
Fasten Seat Belt • Instrumentality
Fasty Schoolgirl • Trial and Error
Fatback Sirreal Persistent Carping • Fundraiser
Father Goes • Stevie Moore or Less
Fear of the Unknown • Crises
Feeling Blue Two • R. Stevie Moore Gets Off
Feisty Schoolmarm • Logarithms
Fellatio Show, The • Report Card
Female Impact • Stevedore
Female Sexual Response • Drumdrops
Fifty Kittra • Conscientious Objector
Fight, The • Next/Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
Find Any • Errorism
Find Me a Wife • As If Vinyl Didn't Exist
Fingers In Water • Crises
Fire And Rain • Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Fireman Joe • Amateur Hour
Fireworks for a Living • Pop Pain
First NJ Radio Airplay • R
First-Hand • Repertoire
First On Mars • Dumb Philosophy
Five Four Impression • Themes
Five Minutes More • Disturbed
Flavour Is Mine, The • Clack!
Fletcher Honorama • The Day the Earth Stood on Stilts
Flight Of Fancy • Swing and a Miss
Floppy Dicks • 1984U/State of Affairs
Sure As Hell Was Swell • 1984U/State of Affairs
Flowers Sleep into the Night • Swing and a Miss
Flowersleep into the Night • Man of the Year Volume 1
Floydian Theory 1 • Urgent/XVII
Floydian Theory 2 • Urgent/XVII
Flying High • Stevie Moore or Less
Follow the Road • Trial and Error
For Janice R.I.P. • Pop Pain
For Me • FM FM
For Murry W. • Column 88
For Pete's Sake • Man of the Year Volume 2
For Rod Summers (VEC) • As If Vinyl Didn't Exist
For T.S. • Stevie Moore Returns
For Vini • Basic
Force in D • Kaffeeklatsch
Forecast • Stevie Moore Often/Pica Elite
Foreign Carpenter • Logarithms
Forever Limited • Musts
Found a Job • The Day the Earth Stood on Stilts
Four Leaf Clover • Report Card
Four Minutes With God • Drumdrops
Fourth Of July • Belief
Frank Balesteria • Report Card
Frank Jones Interview • Stevie Moore Returns
Fred Frith • R. Stevie Moore Quits
Frederick March • Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Freedom At Last (Version) • Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Freight Train • K7
Freight Train/Dirty Woman/Rock 'N Roll Kit • Kaffeeklatsch
Frenchorn • Sample For Approval
Friends • Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
Friendzy • Jones/Eenque
Friendzy 2 • Purpose
Frithery • FNI
Frog • Man of the Year Volume 3
From C to Dm • Sample For Approval
From Her Journal • Persevere
From The Beginning • Live WFMU 1985
Frozen Filth • Criterions
Fuckin' Idiots Everywhere • Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Fuel Shortage • Innuendoes (NUN2)
Fugto Hi-School Hijinks • On Graycroft
Full Count • Themes
Full Of Ambition • Pop Pain
Full Speed Ahead • How Can You Resist R. Stevie Moore?
Fun Eraser • Fundraiser
Fundraiser • Fundraiser
Fundraiser: Tally 2 • Fundraiser
Funky Cop • Stevie Moore or Less
Funny Child • Piano Lessons
Funnyfunny • Musts
Fur Elise • Report Card
Furiously Rebuff • Kaffeeklatsch
Fuzzy Porkchop • Instrumentality

G'bye Piano (Track) • Musts
Gabe R. • Conscientious Objector
Games • Games and Groceries
Gaptooth • Save R. Stevie
Garage Sale • Innuendoes (NUN2)
Garbage State, The • Trial and Error
Garbageman • Amateur Hour
Gasstation Damnation • All Well and Good
Gathering Spot • Pop Pain
Gently Touch the Soft Skin of Her Cheek • Belief
Genuine Article, The (I Miss Krys) • Conscientious Objector
Genus Lepus • R. Stevie Moore (1952-19??)
Get The Job Done • How Can You Resist R. Stevie Moore?
Get Together • R. Stevie Moore Is Worth It
Gets Soft • R. Stevie Moore Gets Off
Getting And Spending • Stevedore
Getting Better • Warning: R. Stevie Moore
Getting My Heart Back • Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
Ghost Of Stringbean, The • Stevie Moore Invites Comparison
Gilligan Match Game • Piano Lessons
Gimme Some Lovin' • Live WFMU 1985
Girl • Purpose
Girl From Ipanema• Live WFMU 1985
Girl Go • The North
Girl Most Likely, The • Urgent/XVII
Girl Who I Prefer, The • As If Vinyl Didn't Exist
Girls Are Good • Sample For Approval
Girls At Once! • How Can You Resist R. Stevie Moore?
Girls Jogging By • Trial and Error
Girls Who Eat Cum • Trial and Error
Girltalk • Delicate Tension/Moore Stuff
Girlwish • Sample For Approval
Give A Damn • Plight
God Cheese • Serving Suggestion
God Only Knows • The North
God Song • Objectivity
Godmanboy • 1984U/State of Affairs
Going Down the Way • The North
Good Breakfast • W.O.M.A.N.
Good Buy • Belief
Good Bye, Good Riddance • Aesthetic
Good Job At Home • Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
Good Morning, Marry Me • Purpose
Good Thing • The Jinx
Goodby • Purpose
Goodbye My Love • Senior Superlatives
Goodbye Piano • Stevie Moore Returns
Gov't Is Killing Us, The • When
Grace • Senior Superlatives
Graduating Seniors/Excellent Sound •
Grammy Crackers • Man of the Year Volume 2
Grandpa Has a Beer Gut • On Graycroft
Grave, The • Dumb Philosophy
Grease Theme • Midi-Bran Piano Rolls
Grease Theme/Kill the Umpire • Grease
Green-Eyed Lady • Really?
Gregs Calls • Love Compartment
Gregorian KO40 • Conscientious Objector
Gregorian RSM52 • Conscientious Objector
Groceries • Games and Groceries
Groceries Tour • Kaffeeklatsch
Guess Again • Herald, Goods.
Guess Again • CloserthaNever
Guitar Dual • You and Your Employees
Guitar Duel • You and Your Employees
Guitarstevie • Love Compartment

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