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first logged October 15, 2004

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Song Name Album Name

H&R Block The Jinx
HTMS All Well and Good
Ha Ha Hell Crises
Habitat Play
Hair Club Man of the Year Volume 3
Hal Reniff (excerpt) Repertoire
Halfway Heart Report Card
Ham Boogy Innuendoes (NUN2)
Ham Radio ID Report Card
Handbook Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
Handful Of Liquid Man of the Year Volume 3
Handicap Blues The North
Hang On To Your Ego Persevere
Hapbirt2U Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
Happens Every Morning Musts
Happier Than The Morning Sun All Well and Good
Happily Married Sample For Approval
Happy Birthday Dear Kristy Report Card
Happy 1st Birthday, Georgia Far Out
Happy Misanthrope, The Platformat
Happy Mother's Day Dumb Philosophy
Hard Rocker Far Out
Hardin Soft As If Vinyl Didn't Exist
Harmonicousins Love Compartment
Hasty Banana Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
Hat Off, Arms Out, Ronnie Report Card
Hate Epidemic Report Card
Hate Work Musts
Have House Persevere
Hay Jewd Eek! A Mouse
He Kissed Me Disturbed
He Put His Hands On Her W.O.M.A.N.
He's A Devil In His Own Hometown Save R. Stevie
He's Nuts Stevie Moore Often/Pica Elite
He's Nuts Glad Music
Headblock Serving Suggestion
Headline Hustler Platformat
Hearing Aid Pow Wow
Hears 2 JWH As If Vinyl Didn't Exist
Heaven You Know Is Basic
Heaven on Earth Stevie Moore Returns
Hell's Angels K7
Hello List Sample For Approval
Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah Disturbed
Hello Piano The R. Stevie Moore Family Album, Vol. 3
Help! Stevie Does the Beatles
Herculean Rationale Kaffeeklatsch
Here Comes Bob Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Here Comes Summer Again Swing and a Miss
Here There and Everywhere Stevie Does the Beatles
Here Today (1952-19??)
Here's To John Wesley Hardin R. Stevie Moore's Greatest Hits
Hero In Attic 1984U/State of Affairs
Hey Boy I Tell You I Hate Girls Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Hey Bulldog Really?
Hey Hey What Now Repertoire
Hey Jude Man of the Year Volume 2
Hey Paula Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Hey! Pretty Girl Stevie Moore Often/Pica Elite
Hey Rachel 1984U/State of Affairs
Hi Jacker's Dance Aviation
Hi 'n' Loathsome Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
Hide In Your Shell Platformat
Hideous Jester R. Stevie Moore Gets Off
High Stevie Moore Often/Pica Elite
High Fidelity Stevie Moore Often/Pica Elite
High Setting Man of the Year Volume 3
Hillbilly Heaven Kaffeeklatsch
His Latest Flame (Marie's The Name) Everything
Hitting It Off Live at WFMU, 1987
Hobbies Galore Stevie Moore Or Less
Hobbies Galore Purpose
Hollow Inside Really?
Holocaust Parade, The Sheetrock
Holy Shit Report Card
Homers Homers
Honkin' Goose Twist Report Card
Hope Musts
Horizontal Hideaway Games and Groceries
Horoscovia All Well and Good
Horse in Striped Pajamas Senior Superlatives
Horseradish Dogs Phlegm Soundtrack
Hostile Territory Musts
Hot Bloose Next/Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
Hot Cakes and Sausage Conscientious Objector
Hot Snot Man of the Year Volume 2
Hours Of Delight Teenage Spectacular
How 'Bout Writin' Me a Goddam Song? Unpopular Singer, Vol. 1-2
How Does It Feel to Feel Good? W.O.M.A.N.
How Great Thou Art Report Card
How I Record (Sort Of) R
How Many Moore Sheetrock
How Right and Real the Christmas Tree On Graycroft
How Will I Know My Love Musts
Howdoesitfeeltofeelgood 3 Stevedore
Hug Me Nevertheless Optimistic
Hug Me in Times Square? Far Out
Human Pathos Mix Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Human Race Love Compartment
Hurry Up Errorism
Hypothermia Phlegm Soundtrack

I N G W.O.M.A.N.
I Am Freaking Out Games and Groceries
I Am The Best for You Persevere
I Am The Songwriter Musts
I Be Back Belief
I Believe My Time Ain't Long Man of the Year Volume 2
I Can't Own Her Senior Superlatives
I Can, I Can't, I Won't K7
I Captured the Wind K7
I Caught A Wave Report Card
I Could Be Your Lover Contact Risk
I Could Say the Same About You Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
I Don't Think She Knows The North
I Don't Try Anymore Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement Plight
I Don't Want Anything (1952-19??)
I Don't Want To Be Around Anymore Themes
I Don't Want To Hear No More Plight
I Fantasize About You Man of the Year Volume 2
I Feel So Bad I Feel Good Pow Wow
I Forgot You Were Here Man of the Year Volume 4
I Go Into Your Mind Delicate Tension
I Got My Family Waiting Column 88
I Got The Fax Persevere
I Hate People Drumdrops
I Have The Mail! It's What's Happening Baby
I Hope That You Remember Clack!
I Just Want to Feel You Swing and a Miss
I Know That Basic
I Know Them All Stevie Moore Often/Pica Elite
I Know There's an Answer Man of the Year Volume 4
I Know You're There Report Card
I Like My Life Really?
I Like To Stay Home Glad Music
I Live In An Igloo Pop Pain
I Looked At The Bottom of My Foot Pow Wow
I Lost You FM FM
I Love All the Girls Next/Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
I Love Her, Who Is She? Man of the Year Volume 4
I Love Us/We Love Me Games and Groceries
I Love You So Much It Hurts Clack!
I Love You Too Much to Bother You Purpose
I Loved You All Well and Good
I Miss My Girl Column 88
I Missed July Games and Groceries
I Need A Girl Piano Lessons
I Need Servants Man of the Year Volume 1
I Need Your Love Next/Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
I Never Know Swing and a Miss
I Not Listening Next/Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
I Overunderstand Sample For Approval
I Own You Musts
I See Stars K7
I Smell A Barbecue Clips
I Still Chase the Women Next/Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
I Still Want It Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
I Thought I Loved You Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
I Thought You Loved Me Crises
I Told You Stevie Moore or Less
I Wanna Be Your Man Stevie Does the Beatles
I Wanna Hit You Swing and a Miss
I Wanna Sleep Games and Groceries
I Want You in My Life Stevie Moore Returns
I Want You in My Life Stevedore
I Want You in My Life Again As If Vinyl Didn't Exist
I Want Your Mother Man of the Year Volume 1
I Wasn't Drinking (I Was Just Tired) Love Compartment
I Wasn't Ready FNI
I Will Want to Die Purpose
I Wish I Could Sing Stevie Moore Returns
I Wish I Had a Cigarette Piano Lessons
I Wish I Was a Kid Again Report Card
I Wish Marvin Gaye's Father Had Shot Me Instead Conscientious Objector
I Won't Chew in My Life Crises
I Wouldn't Mind Dyin' Glad Music
I'd Still Want You Live WFMU 1985
I'll Be Back Stevie Does the Beatles
I'll Be Back Purpose
I'll Forget Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
I'll Get By Report Card
I'll Get You Man of the Year Volume 4
I'll See You in Bed Pow Wow
I'll Try Anything Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
I'm Bored It's What's Happening Baby
I'm Dancing Games and Groceries
I'm Embarrassed For You Stevie Moore or Less
I'm Happy Just To Dance With You Stevie Does the Beatles
I'm Having A Musical Breakdown Drumdrops
I'm In The Mood For Love K7
I'm Learning To Paint Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
I'm Looking Over A Four-Leaf Clover Nevertheless Optimistic
I'm Losing It Swing and a Miss
I'm Lucky Senior Superlatives
I'm Milton Berle Live WFMU 1985
I'm My Own Ghost Stevedore
I'm Not Gifted Logarithms
I'm Not Supposed to Be Here Criterions
I'm Only Sleeping Stevie Does the Beatles
I'm Open Repertoire
I'm Out Of My Mind All Well and Good
I'm Scared Sheetrock
I'm So Horny (1952-19??)
I'm Sorry Plight
I'm Sorry But Goodnight Stevie Moore Invites Comparison
I'm Such an Idiot Umpteenth
I'm Taking Your Stuff Conscientious Objector
I'm Too Old (To Fall in Love) Games and Groceries
I'm Your Latest Guest/Sizing Up Monica/Lifeline Live at Tonic, NYC
I've Been Here Before Herald, Goods.
I've Begun To Fall In Love Stevie Moore or Less
I've Just Faced My Sister You and Your Employees
I-8 Man of the Year Volume 1
Iconoclasm 1-23 Iconoclasm
Id All Well and Good
Identity of the Owner You and Your Employees
Idiot Opium Urgent/XVII
Idiot Opium Track Delicate Tension/Moore Stuff
If I Died Pop Pain
If I Fell Stevie Does the Beatles
If I Had a Hammer Man of the Year Volume 2
If I Needed Someone Stevie Does the Beatles
If I Stop Liking You Repertoire
If I Was Wealthy Again Play
If It's in You Live at WFMU, 1987
If Jesus Came to Your House Serving Suggestion
If Only I Was a Girl (And Had a Boy Like Me) Stevie Moore or Less
If You See Kay/Bleu Space Sheetrock
Ill (Worst) On Graycroft
Immigration Fundraiser
Impossible to Deal With Serving Suggestion
Improcappella Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
Improvement Logarithms
In 2001 Piano Lessons
In My Own Quiet Way Themes
In My Room The North
In New Jersey Drumdrops
In Sound, The Love Compartment
In Your Throat FM FM
In the Garden of Eden Stevedore
Incense and Peppermints Love Compartment
Inconveniences FM FM
Indian Giver Piano Lessons
Indian Giver R. Stevie Moore Is Worth It
Indigestion Basic
Inset Ersatz
Inset One Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Inset Two and Three Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Instrumental Stevie Moore Often/Pica Elite
Instrumentality Instrumentality
Intelligence Clack!
Into The Basic
Invites Comparison Stevie Moore Invites Comparison
Irony Sheetrock
Irwin Chusid, How Long Has It Been? Conscientious Objector
Is There Slang In Heaven Subject To Change
Is This Goodbye? (1952-19??)
Is This Vocal Mike On? Sample For Approval
Is This the Same Guy? FM FM
Isabell Had Died Comeback Special
Ist or Mas (Lochness) Instrumentality
It Hurts to Walk Man of the Year Volume 2
It Is January Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
It Is What It Is Man of the Year Volume 3
It Really Comes as No Surprise to Learn About This Delicate Tension/Moore Stuff
It Stinks CloserthaNever
It Was, Was It? 1984U/State of Affairs
It's A Girl Comeback Special
It's Happening Again Sample For Approval
It's Important To Know Logarithms
It's Luv! Purpose
It's My Life Urgent/XVII
It's Not The Fat (It's The Hat) Save R. Stevie
It's Not Where He Wants His Life As If Vinyl Didn't Exist
It's Now or Never FM FM
It's Only Love Stevie Does the Beatles
It's Over Serving Suggestion
It's Too Late Live WFMU 1985
It's What You Do (It's Not What You Are) All Well and Good
It's Your Fault Eek! A Mouse

JK Vomit Comeback Special
Jackie Herald, Goods.
Jackie Blue Man of the Year Volume 4
Jailbait Warning: R. Stevie Moore
Jamaica Jesus Play
Jaunties Pain Unpopular Singer, Vols. 1-2
Jazz Hounds (Eat the Fox), The Serving Suggestion
Jeannie Instead R. Stevie Moore Is Worth It
Jeff Rosner Report Card
Jessica Sandwich Boota Theatre
Jessika Cane Plight
Jesus Christ Repertoire
Jesus Jackoff Play
Jesus Kills Innocent People R. Stevie Moore Is Worth It
Jesus Rocks Pow Wow
Jim's Song (Live) Drumdrops
Jinx, The Nevertheless Optimistic
Jkane Disturbed
Joe College Show Grease
John Lennon Pow Wow
Johna Lynn Escapes to Chicago Swing and a Miss
Johna's Theme Stevie Moore Often/Pica Elite
Joy Inside My Tears Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
Joy To The World Sheetrock
Judson Fountain of Wayne Wayne Conscientious Objector
Julie London Love Compartment
July Mist R. Stevie Moore Gets Off
Jump Out in Front of a Car Clack!
Junkmedia/Far Out (My Life's Been) Far Out
Just A Little Kid Verve
Just Another Sigh Stevie Moore Returns
Just As I Am/Doxology Disturbed
Just Imagine It's Cold Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Just Like Everyone Else Pandemonium
Just Like Me Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4
Just To Make Him Mad Man of the Year Volume 3

KL Disturbed
KL 8/78 for Sure Disturbed
KL/For Sure Disturbed
KL/WW Disturbed
Kaleidoscopics Kaffeeklatsch
Kaleidoscopics II Hundreds of Hiding Places
Kazaa ID Report Card
Keep Busy Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Keep Your Hands All Well and Good
Keep Your Hands Off My Baby All Well and Good
Keeping It Inside Stevedore
Keeping You Sheetrock
Ken and Wayzel Report Card
Keys Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb
Kibbles 'N Bits Live at the Speakeasy, 1986
Kids Are Still W.O.M.A.N.
Kids R Still All Well and Good
Kids With Daddy, The Stevie Moore Returns
Knitting Factory Disturbed
Knot Apes Fundraiser
Knot Bob Unpopular Singer, Vol. 3
Kookie Coma Next/Apologies to Mr. Gottlieb
Kool Daddio Revisited Pathos/Pioneer Paramus
Krystal Quint Disturbed
Krystyna Enough Unpopular Singer, Vol. 4

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