RSM Cassette Club at Bandcamp RSM now at iTunes

Dozens of sound films now posted at YouTube

Dozens of hi-fi audio files at several Soundcloud accounts:
rstvmo | rstvmo2 | rstvmo3 | rstvmo4 |

Dozens of rotating songs at "Mice Pace" by The R. Stevie Moore

Hobbies Galore complete album

Tra La La La Phooey! complete album

Disorganized Overactivity Or Tabitha Soren complete album

Snag complete album

Then Get Out complete album

No Know complete V/A e.p.


8 To 18 complete e.p.


Reverb Nation

The Disabled Lad Wants You To Buy Him A Wheelchair With The Money That You Won At The Horse Race

Phlegm Soundtrack complete album

Another Day Slips Away

Rodan complete album

Far Out E.P.

Drool Trough on Aural Innovations Radio; 100 min special

Samples (from Nevertheless Optimistic)

Golden Faves: (lo lo-fi)

Norway (from Glad Music)

Compatibility Leaves (from What's the Point?!!)

I Could Be Your Lover

Why Can't I Write A Hit (from Games and Groceries)

Treat Me (from Sheetrock)

U.R.True (from Clack!)

Play Myself Some Musick (Piano Roll) (from Midi-Bran Piano-Rolls)

Disaster In The USA (from The Future Is Worse Than The Past)

For Vini (from Everything)

Baby Scratch My Back (from Clips)

8 To 18 (from Hundreds of Hiding Places)

It's What You Do (It's Not What You Are) (from Dates) as by Dave Gregory

Not Sold In Stores (from The Essential R Stevie Moore)

I Wish I Had a Cigarette (from Piano Lessons)

Horse In Striped Pajamas (from Senior Superlatives)

Linger Longer Lucy (from Hundreds of Hiding Places)

Human Race (from Hundreds of Hiding Places)

No Know (from Teenage Spectacular)

Ill (Worst) (from Contact Risk)

The Bodycount (from Teenage Spectacular)

Wayne Wayne (Go Away) (from Stevie Moore Often)

Times Have Changed (from Contact Risk)

You Are Too Far From Me (from Swing and a Miss)

But You Love Me, Daddy with Jim Reeves (from Tra La La La Phooey!)

You Must Be Out Of My Mind (from Report Card)

Other Possible Sources

CD Baby & here

WFMU-FM 91.1

Vitaminic (3)

that thing all the kids like

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"I wanted to write music people would like the first time they heard it." -RAYMOND SCOTT (b. Brooklyn, Sept. 10, 1908; d. L.A., Feb. 8, 1994)

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