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R. Stevie Moore on Mice Pace and related works

The R. Stevie Moore

Moorestevie Monotheist MD

Unpopular Singer Series

Jukebox Set

RSMtv : The R. Stevie Moore Video Game

Shrigley Field

It's R. Stevie Moore

It's R. Stevie Moore again

The Yung and Moore Show

Manuscription (with Lane Steinberg)

Manuscription, Book 2 (with Lane Steinberg)

All Twenty Minutes (with Victor Lovera) (1972)

RSM Does The Beatles Vol. 1, 2 & 3 (1975)

4 From "Phonography" (1977)

Lake City FLA demos 7-21-77

"Stance" (1978)

CLACK! (1980)


Glad Music (1986)

Teenage Spectacular (1987)

INSET (1994)

Dates with Dave Gregory

RSM Martin Lewis Beatles Hoax

Ford Theatre "Trilogy for the Masses" (1968)

Ford Theatre "Time Changes" (1969)

Victor Lovera ETHOS

Victor Lovera ETHOS 2

Victor Lovera ETHOS 3

Herald, Goods. (1972) Pt. One

Herald, Goods. (1972) Pt. Two

Roger Ferguson and ETHOS (1973)

Studio ETHOS

Love Lovera Last Victor


Frank Balesteri

FairMoore (with Jad Fair)

The Breetles

Hard Sharks

The Anthony Wayne Sound

Bob Moore Orchestra on Monument (1960-64)

Bob Moore Orchestra on Hickory (1965-66)

Tupper Saussy on Monument (1963-64)

This Same R. Stevie Moore

That Other R. Stevie Moore

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