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A to the S on the A by the P
AAA (w/Lane Steinberg)
Actually I Do Must Leave
Adult Tree
Adult Tree (Extract Loop)
Albums Slideshow
Alecia (tv)
Another Day Slips Away
Another Day Slips Away (live)
Another Day Slips Away (live) 2
Another Day Slips Away (animation)
Answers (pro 2010)
Answers (live 2011)
Anxiety Variety
Anybody Home?
Apologies to Mr. Gottlieb (2009)
Apropos Joe
Aren't You
Ariel Pink RSM, Tonic 2005
Autopsy Party

Baby On Board
Back In Time
Bad Posture
Beat Hemisphere
Beat Hemisphere (animation)
Beat Hemisphere (live)
Been Waiting
Been Waiting 2
Benefit Of The Doubt
Beyond Capacity
Bigger Than The Beatles
Bisig First-Hand Caffeine Boy
Black Hole Sun
Blind Man's Penis Rocky Top Salty Dog Blues, A
The Bodycount
Bolger, Chris Zombies Fez
Born To Run
Both Sides Of The Coin
Bottom Line Raymond Scott 1996
Box and Fox
Boys Age
Bread Crumbs
Bring On The Lucie (Freda Peeple) w/Jeremy Dubs
The Bugs Felt Sick
Busy Doin' Nothin'
But You Love Me Daddy
The Buzz (live)

Calamity Jane, I've Just Seen A Face
Came Twice
Came Twice (rmx)
Cannot Keep My Fingers Out of My Mouth
Can't Afford No Food
Can't Afford No Food (2)
Carmen Is Coming
Carmen Is Coming (live)
Carmen Is Coming (Denmark)
Cathy Cline
Cathy Cline (orig)
Cathy Cline (live)
Chalkhills and Children, Krys O.
Chantilly Lace
Chantilly Lace + 1
Chapter 24 (live)
Child, Jon TV spots
Children Forever
Close Yet So Far
Closing Credits
Closing Credits 2
Club Ego-go
Colliding Circles
Color Wheel
Column 88
Comeback Special
Conflict Of Interest
Cool Daddio (orig)
Cool Daddio
Cool Daddio (live France)
Copy Me
Copy Me (live)
Cover of 'Rolling Stone'
Crickets Taxmen Reunion 2002
Cruising for Burgers
The Crystal Chandelier
Cumberland Gap
Cyclocardoray (w/Aaron Roche)

Dance Man
Dance Man 2
Dance of the Pennywhistles
Dear Sally (Ethos)
Death By Audio 2008
Delicate Tension (live)
Dewey Decimal System
Diet Pepsi and Rum
The Disabled Lad Wants You to Buy Him a Wheelchair with the Money That You Won at the Horse Race
Do I Love You
Do You Feel About The Same
Doctor Dog
Don't Let Me Cry On You
Don't Let Me Go to the Dogs
Don't Let Me Go to the Dogs 2
Don't Talk, Put Your Head On My Shoulder
Dr. Demento Stage Show 2004
A Dry Cry
Dutch Me (w/Ariel Pink)
Dysfunctional 2015

Eating Paper, Drinking Ink
8 To 18
8 To 18 (live)
Elation Damnation
Elation Damnation (live)
Elephant Overdrive Avenue (live)
Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work
Employees Must Wash Hands (live)
Ethos Street Party 1974
Everybody Is So Ignorant
Everyone But Everyone
Everyone But Everyone (Molly Andrews)

Fan Bass
Father Goes
Fez Out-sider intro (live)
Find Any
First Hand
Five Minutes More
Fletcher Honorama
Flip-Flops (live)
Flowers Sleep Into The Night
A Forest (w/Carmen Clark)
Fucky Doodles (live w/Fly Ashtray)
Funny Face

Gabe R.
The Garbage State
The Garbage State (2013)
The Garbage State (live)
The Garbage State (live Madrid)
Get The Job Done
Gettin' By, High and Strange
Gettin' By, High and Strange 2
Getting Better
Getting My Heart Back
Girl Go
Go On Now v
Go On Now
Going Down The Way (live)
Goodbye Halo (live)
Goodbye Piano
Grantchester Meadows (live)

Happier Than the Morning Sun
The Happy Misanthrope (live)
Hard On A Puppet (Jef Barbara/Kid Casablanca)
Hate Epidemic
Have At It
Having A Real Fit (live)
He's Nuts
He's Nuts (studio session)
Health/Break My Neck
Here Comes Summer Again
Hide In Your Shell
Hitting It Off (live)
Hollow Inside
The Holocaust Parade
Horse In Striped Pajamas/Hug Me (live)
How Great Thou Art (live)
How Many Moore?
How Right and Real the Christmas Tree
Hug Me
Hug Me (Amanda)
Human Race
Hurry Up

I Am Freaking Out
I Am The Best For You (mix)
I Am The Best For You (live)
I Could Be Your Lover
I Don't Think She Knows
I Don't Try Anymore
I Go Into Your Mind (coL 2008)
I Go Into Your Mind (2004)
I Go Into Your Mind (1980)
I Got My Family Waiting
I H8 Ppl
I Hate Your Radio Show
I Hope That You Remember
I Like To Stay Home HD +
I Like To Stay Home
I Love All The Girls
I Love I Think You
I Love You So Much It Hurts
I Love You Too Much To Bother You (live)
I Missed July
I Need An Orgasm
I Need Your Love
I Never Know
I Not Listening
(I Read) Kerrang!
I See Stars
I Smell A Barbecue
I Still Want It
I Wanna Hit You
I Wanna Sleep
I Want You In My Life
I Want You In My Life 2
I Want You (She's So Heavy) (Live)
I Wasn't Drinking (I Was Just Tired)
I Will Want To Die
I Wish I Could Sing (orig)
I Wish I Could Sing
I Wouldn't Mind Dyin'
I'm Only Sleeping
I'm Out Of My Mind
I'm Scared
If I Fell Down
If I Fell Down NY
If You See Kay/Bleu Space
Ill (Worst)
In One Fell Swoop
Invisible Intimidation
Irks/Blues for Now Appearing
Is This Vocal Mic On?
Ist Or Mas 1
Ist Or Mas 2
Ist Or Mas 3
It's My Life
It's What You Do, It's Not What You Are
It's What You Do, It's Not What You Are 2
I've Begun To Fall In Love
I've Begun To Fall In Love (orch)

Jesus Rocks
The Jinx (live)
Johna's Theme
Joy To The World
Just Another Sigh
Just Like Everyone Else
Keeping My Glasses Clean
Keeping My Glasses Clean (live)
Keeping You/A Clash of Heads
Keeping You (live)
Knitting Factory Xmas97

Lake Inferior
The Lariat Wressed Posing Hour
Lavin, Christine Sensitive New Age Guys
Legend In My Time, A
Let's Rest Together
Linger Longer Lucy
Linger Longer Lucy #2
Little Man
Live In Fear
Long Haired Country Boy
The Long Haul
Love Is For The Birds
Lovera, Victor Visits RSM 1991
Lucky Trip

Madison Tennessee Suite 1971
Makeup Shakeup
Man With The Cigar (live)
Man Without a Gland 1
Man Without a Gland/Indian Giver
Maria (live, solo)
Maria (live, band)
Mason Jar
Maxwell's Live 1979
May is the Opposite of November
Me, Too
ME TOO outdoor shoot
Meet The RSM Cherry Red Vlog 1/3
Meeting That Couldn't Be, The
Mine Ear's Plaza
Mister Christ
Moonlight Canopy
Moons (live)
My Baby's Got a Bank Account
My Girlfriend Rules
My Name Is John
The Myth Of Mystique

Name Tag The Entertainer
Neblung Whse.
National Debate (live)
Neew Waif and Poole
New Girl
New Talent Needed All The Time
New Talent Needed All the Time (live)
New Wave
Nico Knee Puccini
Night Mayor Of The City
96 Tears
No Body
No Know
No Moon At All
No One Happens/Saturdays
No Talking/1-500-500-500-5
No Wondrous Affair
Norman 1988

Oh Pat
Oh Yeah Aphasia
Ol' Gaptooth (live)
Oldest Numbers
Once And For All
One Moore Time
One Sight Of Me
Open Eyes (with Apples in Stereo)
Out And In

Paris 2007 Music Film Festival Installation
Part Of The Problem
Pasketti / Hitting It Off
Passed Away Today
Pedestrian Hope
Personal Evaluation
Philosophy Of The World
Pink Litmus Paper Shirt
Play Myself Some Music
Play Myself Some Music animation
Play Myself Some Music (Jason Falkner)
Play Myself Some Music (Live w/Dr. Dog)
The Playful Drummer
"Please Stand By"
Pledge Your Money
Pop Music (2011)
Pop Music
Popeye Song (live)
Positively 4th Street
Pow Wow
Pow Wow (live)
Pretend For A Second That You Are Very Intelligent
Put Down
Puttin' Up The Groceries (CosMod1)
Puttin' Up the Groceries (CosMod2)
Puttin' Up The Groceries Twice
Puttin' Up the Groceries (live)
Quo Pah

The R. Stevie Moore Story
Radios (live)
Reefer (live)
Repercussions of Bloodshed
The Residents
The Residents (live)
Revolution 0
River Man
Rock 'N Roll Kit
Rock 'N Roll Suicide
RSMtv 1993 Sample
Runny Nose, Money Woes

Same (live vid)
Save the Last Dance for Me
Say Man
Scented Candles
Schwann Catalog
Schwann Catalog (live)
Schwann Catalog (live) 2
See More Glass
See More Glass (live)
Sentimental Ties
Sex Wants Me
Shakin' In The Sixties
Shape Of Change
She Don't Know What To Do With Herself
She's Dead
She's Not Ready (I Won't Wait)
Show Biz Is Dead
Showing Shadows
51L3N7 N0153
Sit Down
So Much Personality
Social Studies Buddies
Social Studies Buddies (live)
Song For Mother
"Songs From Home" 1988
Sort Of Way
Soul Experience
Spaghet Untitled
Spring Break Lucky Streak
Start No Fires (w/Mari Morton)
State of Affairs
The State Refuses To Fix Me
Stephen, Stephen
The Strange
The Struggling Artist/Shifts
Stunt Doubles (acapella)
Stunt Doubles
Such Are The Times

Table For One (w/Lane Steinberg)
Tale of the Sweet Violin
Tarot Trump Plays RSM
Technical Difficulty
Teen Routines (orig)
Teen Routines (puppet)
Teen Routines
Terribly Honest
Thank Hank
That Food Is Stale
That's Fine, What Time?
The Gov't Is Killing Us
Theme from A.G.
Theme from Hurricane David
Theophilus London on Teenage Spectacular
There Is No God In America
There Is No God In America (w/Penn Jillette)
There's A Place
There's No Place for the Young in Rock 'n Roll
They're Gonna Destroy Us
Think About Living With Me
Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself
Thousands Of Days
Time To Leave
Times Have Changed
To Sir With Love
Too Old (To Fall In Love)
Too Old To Fall In Love (fan vid)
Topic Of Same
Traded My Heart For Your Parts (live)
Traded My Heart For Your Parts (live, 12/08)
Traded My Heart For Your Parts (More Gendel)
Treat Me
Trial and Error
Under the Light
The Unfinished
Up/Down + This Is January
U. R. True

Various R-Tists
Verses Alright Tonight
Vice España, Milan Italia 2012
Waiting For Life To Stop
Watch Me On The News
Wayne Wayne (Go Away)
We Need Your Help
Weinstein A'GoGo
We're In Vietnam
WFMU 1988
What? Why?
What Are You Lookin' At?
What Do I Do With The Rest Of My Life?
What Is a Reputation?
Whatcha Doin?
When You Gonna Find Me a Wife (live)
When You Gonna Find Me a Wife (w/CIVIL CIVIC)
The Whereabouts
A Whiter Shade of Pale
Within You Without You
Who Deserves It?
Who Killed Davey Moore?
Who Needs the Peace Corps? (live)
Why Am I Here?
Why Can't I Write A Hit
Why Should I Love You
Why Should I Love You (live)
The Winner
Wix La Chelme (live)
Women R Not Small Men
Wonderful! Wonderful!
Wontcha Come Along?
World Trades Enter
World's Fair '76
World's Fair
World's Fair (PtV)

Yeast Infection
Yer Prolly Wonderin' (live)
You A Joke/Jet Plane (live)
You Always Want What You Don't Have (live)
You Always Want What You Don't Have
You And Me
You Are Too Far From Me
You Are Too Far From Me (RSMGMT)
You Are Your Seer
You Came Along Just In Time
You Can
You Can't Write A Song
You Don't Have to Worry 'Bout My Love
You Hurt
You Love Me, Do Something
You Must Be Out Of My Mind
You Must Be Out Of My Mind vers 2
You're Lost Little Girl
Your Dancing Ears
Your Daughter And I
Zebra Standards 29


"What part of R. Stevie Moore don't you understand? The MORE bit?"

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TRAILER– Phonography: The R. Stevie Moore Story from jon demiglio on Vimeo.