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UNPOPULAR SINGER Vol. 6 // NJ2006 17 Dec 06 2CD



01. Hate Epidemic
02. Theme from My Three Sons
03. Name Tag the Entertainer Take 12
04. A Legend In My Time
05. Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning To Work
06. Another Day Slips Away   video
07. Take Back
08. Stuart's Party
09. Ito Eats (live)
10. Human Race
11. Storm In A Teacup
12. Stationary
13. To Sir With Love
14. Hug Me
15. See More Glass
16. You Must Be Out Of My Mind
17. Schwann Catalog
18. If You're Already On Your Way, Keep Going
19. A Whiter Shade Of Pale
20. Big Mistake
21. Man Without A Purpose
22. A Blind Man's Penis Rocky Top Salty Dog Blues


01. Cathy Cline
02. A Clever Combo
03. Sleep It Off
04. Cruising For Burgers
05. I Hate Your Radio Show (live)
06. Positively 4th Street
07. Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands
08. Rainy Weekend
09. I Wish Marvin Gaye's Father Would Have Killed Me Instead
10. I Know Where Syd Barrett Dies
11. What Do I Do With The Rest Of My Life?/Don't Bore Us, Get To The Chorus
12. Social Studies Buddies
13. Frank Balesteria
14. Hide In Your Shell
15. CGI-Bin Laden Beheaded
16. Why Am I Here?
17. Linger Longer Lucy
18. So Tired of Everybody's Misbehavior
19. Oldest Numbers

my best friends (remaining) on these sides were lane steinberg, roger ferguson, terry burrows, jad fair, harry palmer, krys olsiewicz, bill anderson, kramer, ray carmen, breetles, nuno monteiro, alley, justin hennessy, janoffs, sun gin bin winn, irwin, dominique leone, fxo, trubee devol, others

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Also available on 2CDR $20

Under construction PROJECT COMPLET: (will DID they all fit? or must we add live bonuses? expand to 3 discs? oh what a decade it's been!)
SONGS IN THE RUNNING (and they're off!):

LOVE COMPARTMENT: Linger Longer Lucy, Human Race, I Wasn't Drinking (I Was Just Tired)

THE JINX: Legend In My Time, Rainy Weekend, Man Without A Purpose /
Hug Me, What Was I Thinking About? / A Clever Combo, All Fall Long / Frank Balesteria

FAIRMOORE: Stationary /
You Must Be Out of My Mind, Why Am I Here?

REPORT CARD: Hate Epidemic, A Whiter Shade of Pale, Reach Out I'll Be There

CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR: Take Back, Me So Horny, Monitor, Cruising for Burgers, I'm Taking Your Stuff, Gabe R, Divorce Court, Big Mistake
FAR OUT: Stuart's Party, What Do I Do For the Rest of my Life, Hard Rocker, Cathy Cline, Oldest Numbers
THE YUNG & MOORE SHOW: Schwann Catalog, I Wish Marvin Gaye's Father Would Have Shot Me Instead, Social Studies Buddies
SAVE R. STEVIE: See More Glass, He's A Devil in his Own Hometown, All Time Low

AESTHETIC: Positively 4th Street, If You're Already On Your Way Keep Going, Places Too, CGI Bin Laden Beheaded
PLATFORMAT: Where's Your Platform At?, Storm in a Teacup, Do the Strand, Look At You, Employees Must Wash Hands, Hide In Your Shell
DIFFICULT PERSONALITY: Hair Out, To Sir With Love, Sister Krys, Sky High

ZEITGEIST: Sleep It Off, A Blind Man's Penis, Goodbye Halo
TELL LAURA I LOVE HERBERT: Another Day Slips Away, Pop-Rock Logic, Theorem
HEAR LIES: Back to Philadelphia, My Truth, Disambiguations, No More Lies....

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