senator r. stevie moore winwood
_ fukt! (near-biblical proportions)
2CD septoct (Septoct) 11-21-08


(sleeve facsimile #1)

Produced by Sarah Paline

Tape op by Jason Girardi or Jeri Wecksler

Source: 411:07 B+
Lineage: Studio > ? > traded CDR > EAC (secure mode) > wav Audition 1.5 (gaps removed) > shntool > flac frontend (lvl 7) & interleaved CDR
Taped by: N/A
Transfered by: N/A
Edited by: walk
File Size: 225 MB (FLACK)

(cannot vouch for accuracy)

DISC ONE (79:28)

[01] Anytime you leave (w/LeeKid)
[02] Carolyn will you come
[03] Geiger counter (w/Michael)
[04] Think I'm gonna KILL myself (John Taupin)
rigor mortis writ habeas corpus
[05] Lake sandwich (w/EMoore)
[06] Eli's coming =mynde mayke
[07] I wanna hip you
prostate cancel
[08] Onion eyelid
[09] Squaw Hootenanny (Amandawit)
[10] Part of the problem (by/Powdered cows)
[11] Watt from Pedro
[12] Nina Israelstam (w/Martin)
borders on the fanciful
[13] Yer Prolly Wonderin' (ZF)
[14] My Little Lamb (w/Fleming)
[15] Spiritual Ritual bjrsm jcbrip9
[16] Food and war (Erko Phizmin)
[17] Measure (w/Jodry)
knee high to a grasshopper
NEHI orange and grape
knee-jerk nihilism
[18] Be bop a lula (Vincent)(w/Jad)
[19] Hip hop be bop don't stop (Parrish)
[20] Lady mouseover (w/Nuno)
[21] Women are not small men =extract
civil sheppard
[22] Lakewaltzenstrasse (w/LAKE)
[23] Up against the wall Redneck Mama (w/Amanda)
[24] You're Moving Out Today (w/Krys_O)
[25] Many Rami Resolution

DISC TWO (79:13)

[01] Came twice (w/Otis Fodder & John Bonham)
[02] April Showers (w/Jad)
[03] Women R Not Small Men
[04] Stemcell Research legend
[05] PMS muzak
[06] AWOL I'm back (w/Harry Partridge)
[07] I want more
waste not want not
[08] Shokt at wayne (extract) (w/Zonday)
[09) Delby L
[10] Major devil glitch (Butler)
[11] Coda arms (w/Michael)
[12] Elements DVD (Weiss)
[13] Meet depressed bjrsm jcbrip5
[14] Wanted ads (w/Lake)
[15] Ritalin palin (Amanda)
[16] Maybe #1 (w/Gordon Kenny)
double wonderful
[17] Sackful (w/Watt)
[18] Why should I love you (by/TheBarbaras)
[19] Defensive end (w/Fleming & Eli)
[20] Girls conspiring in hallway
[21] Why Dontcha All Get Fukt?

let's get right to it
bearing straight
i'm here when you want me
brothel broth
witness the fitness
chicken of the C#
you'll wish you did
monster/suicide/america (w/Jad?)
fountain of youth (w/Misty)
(starter status)
surrender dorothy
exile on mainstream
F F F (w/Irwin-kidding!)
sidesteps bombast
chequemate cape shok
touch my body (w/Zane)
what can be done
i concur
who do you like today?
does that answer your question?
egg tree (w/EYES)
department stores
chronic agoraphobia
seeking solutions with suzanne
six months to the day (w/Gordon)
if you don't like it, make a sign
interracial singles
reginald denny (w/Sheppard)
ira isaacs hypochondriac
arrest me!
i'm turning myself in
where's my publicist?
pro and con tools (w/Moses)
minute rice (w/Watt)
version beta
e. powered biggs
goo goo cluster
scintillating scotoma
cohabitation cancellation
that's the way of the world
the clinch (w/The House of Reprehensibles)
two-word song titles
duncan hines (w/Buddy Harman Jr.)
he stopped calling, this might be why
jive bunny
insane clown posse ringtones
seal of good practice
frequently feeling fukt
mp3 coupon
applet in stereo (simulated)
with a name like
ugh/hug (w/o/Blicharz)
coin toss
place the bass in the pocket
add to basket (w/Barbarella)
tuff tiddy pop-up blocker
as we speak
the situationist (w/Byrne)
outrageous claims
byrne's ribcage
shrigley shrug it off
never voted never will
burma dang me, roger miller
earth's crust
right of first refusal
call option
i couldn't get high (FUGS)
pondering its implications
yusef lateef
coal play?
curb thy tongue, knave
ring lardner
harry fox agency
pungent stench
close cover before striking


Preorder when i'm good and well ready. This package looks to be on sale by 21 November.

(the composer suffers from an enlarged prostate and a secondary cataract. dare medicare.)

hope yer feelin better. i'm not. get away shut up leave me alone gimme a break kill me now fuck yu first.

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