-------------------------------------------------------- THE TRIP (HE WAS NERVOUS)
spring 1968

He was nervous. As the sitar music tore at his insecure mind, he pondered over the horrors along with the beauty of his first trip. His travel agent had assured him of his safe return from the excursion. He knew of his marijuana and heroin kicks, but he just couldn't find himself. He feintly remembered his anxiety over Regina and the trouble a year before. He still refused to marry, saying it wasn't his child. This, and the death of his sister in a freak car accident, brought him here to LSD.

He was nervous. Trying to overcome his fear of the awesome journey, he gazed at the agent preparing the solution. He was already high on fright, because nothing could convince him.

The agent stood up, and with the sugar cube and eye dropper, walked over to him. It was twenty minutes before he was awakened by silence.

It was a new and different world! He saw his agent smiling through a haze of flowers and joy. He thought he saw a slight glimpse of Regina and happily reached out... to find her not there. The agent dodged his sudden grasp and set him down in a chair where his mind began to wander. Every few minutes Regina would walk through just beyond his grasp, and it was like hell on earth to find her gone.

The trip had begun. There he was alone in a crowd of unfamiliar faces... then everything went blank! And for that one ecstatic moment, he found his true inner self.

But suddenly!!! He saw his sister again laying there, dying in the scarlet pools of blood. "Help me!!" rang out in his ears. (screams) But he knew he couldn't!

All of a sudden he was in a cathedral in the aisle with Regina, and then a baby's cry. He couldn't face it, and running out, he was in a field of daisies and poppies. Reaching down to pick one, he knocked his hand against a dingy fire hydrant in the busy city.

It seemed terribly strange to him; he knew he was in the trip, but the strange factor was that life was normal. Yet wonderful. He couldn't remember much of his past, as if a cleansing tide washed over his soul. It was like being born again. He finally saw through his visual haze.

And it was quiet again.

The travel agent had gone, knowing his patient was able.

He looked first at his hands, there were millions of beautiful fingers waiting to be used in a useful way. Regina returned. But only for a split second. He was getting used to this. He tried to stand up, and this was an elational feeling of power to him. He felt he was over everyone and everything... //// ...his childhood, double exposed to this was his future. There were two different thoughts at the same time, which had an effect of sincerity and regret both. He knew of his unhappy youth and the overflowing problems. His thoughts of the future were not clear but the blur showed an undecided glimpse of wealth. No solution was given to this mathematical problem of childhood divided by the future. And then Regina. He heard her talk. Not to him but to herself. This wasn't very clear either. A mumble maybe.

He stumbled to the musty door, painted in psychedelic rainbows and eyes of all colors. Down the steep stairs he slowly floated down a world of fantasy. Seeing the glass door and sunlight oozing through the transparency, all of a sudden: people! People from all directions. He had not seen anything like this in his life. They seemed happy, but fearful too. Maybe everything was in a double exposure.

He continued to walk down the avenue, and eventually night brought with it sounds beckoning to him. Like a musical magnet it attracted him down about 2 blocks to the Avalon Ballroom. Then... with this music... and a fabulous light show... inside, this was undoubtedly ecstasy!

The show must have been too much. The next thing he knew, he was in bed. Then seeing a fuzzy distorted view through his painful eyes, there came a nurse. He thought he was dead, and then hearing conversation, his mind was changed. He overheard a doctor talking, about the strange person who dared the car to hit him. Hearing the word "long-haired" indicated that it was him.

Still feeling small effects of the drug, he thought he saw Regina coming through the doorway. Waiting for her usual disappearance, she was there longer than expected. The warm smile of hers shined brighter than any light he had ever seen. She moaned, "God, please help him!" and rand over to him, bursting in tears. He knew this was real.

To her he said, "Regina, forgive me." And after he shut his eyes for the very last time, he knew that he had really found himself. _


Acknowledgements: We of the Moore Ferguson Publishing Company would like to take this small opportunity to acknowledge these people who have contributed their time and talents to this great classic.

Arthur Fielder and the Boston Pops for "Greensleeves"
The Rolling Stones for contributing music
Ravi Shankar for his excellent sitar music
Paul Mauriat and his Orchestra for "Love Is Blue"
The Beatles for their psychedelic music
The Vanilla Fudge for their music at the Avalon Ballroom> and... Count Basie for his jazz.

Narration by James R. Ferguson, Robert Moore and a special vote of thanks to William Anderson.

Nourishment provided to the narrators by the General Mills Corporation, makers of Whistles.

And of course to Mr. Joe Reasonover, for the extra days to complete this masterpiece.

'Good night and lots of luck.'


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---------------------------------------------------- fin (c) r stevie moore