Cranial fracture &
Brain hemorrhage 
Horizontal hideaway gave way to the
Autopsy Party
New iPhone app
Rude iPhonography dogpiss
Cranial fracture &
Brain hemorrhage 
Horizontal hideaway gave way to the
Autopsy Party

Did I view the Glimpse 
Shadowpad Shy with the
Census ppl? 
Go To Your Room
Hep Me Out Heah
Wines Purchase
Electric My Acoustic BottleKing privacy
Privacy's Comin'
Get Out the Peace Pipe
Hot & Juicy Teen Pussy
(With a Little Bit of Red Blood)
Taking It Down A Notch
Thou Art God
Tennessee God
Bonine 411 Flomax
Sound For Emphasis
Squairs In Pairs
Ogre Vogue
Tiger Would Not Vegeterrible
Castile of Quite
Get the Job Done, so
Get the Kids Out of Here
Bravo! Encore!
Come Up To My Room
I been lookin at this chick down the block
Don't tell my wife
Don't tell me to accidentally tell my wife
How many girls u got?
Never Touched Again
Bit Poetry Health Minute
Panic Attack
Showered with Green Ache
Twenty Ten
Keep Up Good Work
Cutting Leaves w/the ni
2 Rolls
Gotta put back the cholesterohl
Talking as Music
and that's kinda what this is
Chuck Scarlboro
Rs Gracier Rtst

16. 1-800-ASBESTOS
You agree to be bound by the following
Percy Phillips
I could use a minute with you
No way of knowing
Acapella casual
I understand is working on a cure for this
Because damn
I needs me a manwich
W 215th St.
Itchiní to pick
Recalcitrant bard
I loves me some sloppy joe
Verone Ė a
Scotty Moorhead
Look in the mirror, bitch!

Hot then hot now
Holly Near Natchez Trace
Sorghum molasses
Borders on the trite
Unmistakable damage of proximity
Pregnant pause
Not now not then
This little maneuver is entirely ill-concevied
Slant or bias, Beth Ditto
Fringe viewpoint
Foundational influence

Talladega Waltrip
Nit wit
Witless Jody
John Hiatt, my arch rival
Arch Stv Mo
The feud continues
But I digress
Restricted to everyone everywhere all the time
Place pack face down here
Discard face up here
Crisis center

Put me beneath the rubble
Hide me, beneath the rubble
Kiss me
Beneath the rubble
Shun ship Ė relationshipÖ of fools!
Pope Pius XII
Jealous green with envy
To get to the other side
To get to the other side
Forthright, often contrarian
Oughta shoulda caught it, the McGuffin
Wet with passion, dry with emotion
Raleigh fingersfood
Breezy at times
You gotta go through me first
R. Ste BeFoore Today
Songs for saleÖ one dime.

In one fell swoop
Allow script access? Always.
Thirst inning
Your wifeís been cheatiní on us again
Tons of photos
Valiums, tuinols, seconals, Quaaludes, Compoz, Romilar
Stv Mo
Triumph of the will
The guns of Will Sonnett
The slam of the microwave door every morniní
Suffer fools gladly
Company brunch
The book should be a ball of light in oneís own hand
Precision indecision
The book should be a ball of light in oneís other hand
Fever tree

God help us and preserve us
Nosey meddlesome busybody
Morning wood
Do it while I can, trap door
Letís take a look at what we are looking at here
Siege Ė J Dilla vs. Phyllis Diller
Staggering complexity
Open the phones for all-request hour
The intent in negligence is obvious
Bargaining with IOUís

52. E3
Look the same
Sound the same
Look the same
Sound the same
E3 arms to hold you
3 arms extended from spine
My spine, mine
My nine
My nine spines
Excellent grade
Right wing, east wing, E east
Left wing, west wing, 3 west
3 silent noises
E edge
E male
3 female curves, breast rack, round buttocks
E is a table
Right side up
Or upside down
E is a table
Right side up (M)
Or upside down (W)
On its side
E erect
Dead, legs up
Bingo, Bingee Gazingee
The word ďthreeĒ has twin Eís
Ease me 2 U
The word 6 parallel lines
3 twice
Which also has an E3
E is for empty.

I havenít the slightest idea!
Photobug in a rug
You miss 100% of the shots you never take
Frumious Bandersnatch
Throw me a pubic patch
Sniff & scratch
Willie Mays catch
Andrea Hatch
Great matchup
Nurse Ratchet!
Scratch it
Slip & Satchmo
Mp3 attached
Vitro Immature
We have no place to set things down
All tables are full, are covered up
No space needle
Legislative native
Great matchup
Gene Rayburn
Miss Rayburn

Best thing to teach a kid when heís young?
The word ďH.E.L.P.Ē
Come here
Wanna help me?
Oh yeh!!!!!!!!
To live in hearst Iíve left behind
Is not to die
Wanna know what I think?
Iím unable to!
From here on out
Yankees YouTube channel
Streetcar waterfront
Wrapping the guitar jackcord inside the strap post
On the bottom of the instrument
To prevent accidental disconnection
I used to be somebody
I repeat:
I used to be somebody
When Brando died, everybody moved up one.
Have a pheasant evening
Peasant workers

Are you ever ďnotĒ on the phone?
Are you ever ďnotĒ on the phone?
Are you ever ďnotĒ on the phone?
Wiki Wild One film Beatles
SA = Salty
SU = Sugarsweet
Are you ever ďnotĒ on the phone?
Are you ever ďnotĒ on the phone?
Just like everyone else
Voluptuous with the pearl necklace
Why do you wear your shirt so open to me like that?
Vagina juice
Anybody got any to spare?
Vagina juice
Anybody got any to spare?
Money shot
Suspension of disbelief
Are you ever ďnotĒ on the phone?
Well, when you have a chance
Call me back
A certain somebody
A certain somebody
Ebony Ayes in Players magazine
Vagina juice
Anybody got any to spare?
Vagina juice
Still warm, you know, not deceased
Anybody got any to spare?
Climb every mountain
Anybody got any to spare?
Are you ever ďnotĒ on the phone?
Iíll try to finish theÖ

Blog leave comment
Blench, is that u?
Howís life?
I'm waiting fr your response
Iíd be in a higher bracket
At the aggro ulterior motives
U there?
My wild thug days are over
At the Nashville oil spill
Times Square bomb scare
Volcanic ashford and simpson
Bloody Nicole kid man
Blatantly obvious
Poor splicing, at the
It would seem
That we are at an impasse
Wearing only a fig leaf
At the 4H Club
At the fat acceptance movement.

Whayu duin?
Nothin, whayu duin?
Nothin, whayu duin?
Nothin, whayu duin?
Nothin, whayu duin?
Nothin, whayu duin?
Nothin, whayu duin?
Nothin, whayu duin?
Nothin, whayu duin?
The silent era
Letís just look
Stop the noise
Shin-soo Shoo
Bring the noise

Yeah thatís me looking at you
Stop looking in my window
Evan Longoria
Chris Craft
Mind your own business beeswax
They were expendable
Fainting may occur upon standing
Access denied
Accurate rip database
I would be remiss in not making a statement to that effect
Delivers more than promised
A rat in the house may eat the ice cream
No errors occurred
Dream locations
Generously consented to be portrayed
Cut to the chase _ bank accounts
You would be too if it happened to you


Right of passage
Regional Doppler
Stupid new skillet
Precious Willett
Baconís fryiní
Low flame
HOV lane
8:18 hands of the clock
Your head looks down, but your eyes look up
All new
We loved Earth Day
Original vinyl mix
Biden, Beck, Final Bix

Corporate event
Three pounds thirty-three R.R.P.
Stunt doubles
Itís on
Justification for higher education
Hardin, Scheff and Tutt
Bent out of shape
A whole lotta littles make a
Whole lotta lots
Infrastructure minor quibble
Unlock all doors
Summa cum Laude
Egregio Signore

Itís raining menopause
Water sports complex
Restrictions apply
Dots the iís, crosses the tís
So well put
I think I feel you thinkiní
Antibiotic Woman
Angelfire fox
Ratzer Road
Soft white underbelly
And how
Busy signal
Frailty syndrome
Closed circuit
Master of disaster
Pill burden depraved
This too shall pass

Well, mama Ė I canít do just one song
Letís do a medley
Some fruit, vegetables, meat,
Bread, potatoes
Get off my back
Free shipping
40 years in, whatís my time limit?
Whatís for dessert?

Optimist friend of the boy
Mickey Todd, president
Kentucky young democrats
Jingoistic bitch

Stock up!
Man, I need more than that
You kissed me
You only got 1?
Stock up!
R. Stevie and The Needy

Just go
Did not know that
Upper classman
Slippery slope
(Iím) Cool like that
Ampersand Purcellville
King Kong Barbie
Fall in, cats
This is like the old days

Toilet seat
Ice cube trays
Sweet breakfasts
Candles lit
Jazz kit
Pens closed
Get the hell out of my room
The abuse of aging
Better to be safe than sorry
Letter in the post tomorrow
How you like them apples?
Hey push
Howís friend?
We communicate w/ post-it notes
Thatís all she wrote
Whatís a veteran progressive popster
  DIY home recording genius
  Gotta do to get a drink around here?

Never again will I be your boyfriend
You know what you can do with it
Rock Ďn roll trappings
No mames guey (donít fuck around)
Hillbilly zen
Idel time scan
Shape of change
Purse coercing
Moral failings

Miasma of Perfidy
Rubber bay buggy bumpers
Little you
Awesome shitty
Color wheel
From brilliant to irritant
Mp3 blind mice
Learn to listen, not hear
Menopause button
Berger meat
Awkward / awesome

A rotten so-and-so
Bet my money on a bobtail nag
Cost him the election
Left my baby for a Costco rag

Whatís this new policy on
Scissors and steak knives?
I didnít get the memo!
Plz post the updated rules
On the community chest
ďCutĒ me a break
(as a birthday present)

Stop the stink
Stop the stink
Yeah, tell me about it
Yeah, aight
Yeah, tell me about it
Stop the stink
Stay connected
Never give up Ö that ship!
Stop the stink
Yeah, tell me about it
Rib meat, rib meat
Rib meat, rib meat
Who invented the design on the bottom of
Plastic soda bottles, where they
Instantly topple over on the
Slim wire rack of the fridge?
Want me to ask you again?

Meat, bread and potatoes
Go ahead, give this page a nose beep.
I did, too.
All comments must be approved
Good luck!
After 40 years, Iím still pretending
Iím semi-popular
In certain circles

Just keep working
Saab insomnia
How fundamental is faith?
Den of fivers, web of vipers
Pull out windshield wipers during blizzard
Wearin Freudian slippers
Stunt doubles

Aw, grow down!
Stop motion age
Stop motion age
Aw grow down
Quit your prim & proper mature adult cult
Take a chance
Like you did
Half a lifetime ago
Was forever ago, you know

Sound Asleep (9-10-98)
Itís late (itís late)
Make music
Make noise
Listen! Youíre
Sound asleep
Wake up!
Itís early (itís early)
Sing a song
Play along
(letís dance)
Dig it! Weíre
Sound asleep
Letís dance
Sound asleep

Census 2010
Wait a minute, U ainít heard nothing yet
Come full of pep!
No admittance here [sic]
Extend thy grasp
A little travelling music
Census 2010
Seeking solutions with Suzanne, oh
Iíve heard that tearstained monologue you do there
By the door before you go
Packs a considerable wallop
How did I not know what?
Wait a minute, U still ainít heard nothing yet

Oh my English springer spaniel
Doggystyle Staffordshire lamp
Rockabilly rayon
Shadowplaid shy
Rainy Friday weekend is a good time to fly
Strawberry buttermilk biscuit
You need a love butter
Just canít risk it
Oh my English springer spaniel
Doggystyle Staffordshire lamp
Butterdish descant en ser des ce kanter
You know you need
De love biscuit
Butterdish smear
Rockabilly rayon
Shadowplaid shy
I yam in love with Christopher Thai

I love you so!
Donít deflect me, absorb me

Lose your balance
Lose your mind
Lose your license
Lose your wager
Lose your benefits
Lose your logic
Your fucking pretzalogic
Lucille ball
Lose your balls

I still donít get this intensity of devotion people are
Showing this week for Alex Chiltonís merits
I indeed owned the orig pressings of
The Ardent Lps when first released
LX was quite intriguing to a point
But merely one of hundreds of those
ďConfoundingĒ artists who can never seem to
Pinpoint their intended direction
And blow it off with wreckless abandon
The lame Memphis soul slant never
Really got to me at all; gimme the real deal
(As in black)
Mainly just a bunch of sloppy cover versions
His earlier pop songwriting chops
Were all but ignored or exhausted
I actually tried to sample ďFlies On SherbertĒ last night
And it was terrible!
His jerky solo music pales large when compared to
The mighty geniuses weíve had
The list is long & he doesnít even appear on there
And he hadnít even released anything
Substantial for over 15 years!
Chilton is a nifty curiosity, but way WAY overrated
And a has-been if ever there was one
Eternal bar-band yes
Iconic not
Why the idolatry?
I must be missing something!
Once the grief and sudden shock passes
I believe he wonít be remembered as
Anything more than Mr. Boxtop &
That arrogant Big Star nonstar.

Oswalt pitcher, ump Bill Haun
CD Rom Robert Moore
C. Everett Koop Cassette Club
Gateway drug theory
All relevant parties
Carole Mraz A440
Meat and three, death nectar
Ed Grizzard, fear not!
Green initiative
Name names
Mind the tip jar
Relatively rare
Catwalk spills
Drew brees
Kitten Natividad
I gotta go!

Page 63 is missing from my copy of the operatorís manual
Testicular fortitude
Mes Les
Intent is conceived on the instant
Below the threshold of awareness
Stephane grappelli
Six Flags
Nodular lesion
Fueled speculation
Fooled Carrie Nation
Malice aforethought
Uschi Digard
Red OíDonnell
I need to lie down

My dick
I took yours?
Iíll either give credit, or remove it!
My dick
My life
My mouth
My prostatement
Shoes make feet look big
Folks are dumb where I come from

Fair-use provision
50 Reasons You Rule!
Vandersleuth sez he was high
And loathsome
Suite brickwall 1
Piece of chalisse
Chief of police
Sting swat
Caddo Gap Ar
Pling, pleenge ploange
Go to your tomb

Iím an illegal immigrant
Millicent! (call meÖ.)
Call me Ė innocent!
Ill offense (in the room)
Cellophane Ė symphonent
Iím not a husband
Iím just a live-in boyfriend

Looking for Mr. Goodwrench
Over the top
Not low
Not bottom
Bit poetry
It all comes out in the wash
Youíre in my way
Make a right
Sorry girls, heís married

Please remember me
I hope that you
See? Forgot!
The closest we can get to being
When and where we werenít
32-bit float
Strongly discouraged
Take my name off the database
I donít wanna be on there

Push my buttons
That is something Iíd have never
Been able to say before
Double R Bar burger
Facilitate McGuillicuddy
Goodbye to some, hello to others
Jody, quit
If necessary, feel free to
Stay overnight with your folks
Come back Sunday

Mark E. Schmidtz
Bone dry misanthropy
Iíve been duped
Saving Private Robert
Interface in her face
Call log
Lum & Abner
C C Sebathia
A J Burnett Flying V
Coo coo rockiní time
Times Square rhymes with
Bomb scare

Makes further retrospective prosecution pointless
Erudite and ebullient
It is not really possible to overstate
Supersonic tsunami
Intersteview commissioner
Pacific force
Harnessing the eye-opening power
of the Pac ocean w/o getting sand in your shorts
Mind crack
Thwarts a robbery
Jamaican patties
Not safe for minors

All the brothers were valiant
Technorati storyville
Power grid danger zone time
I never played with anybody
Not even myself
Introspection rundown
Amy Annelle the clientele
By a jury of experts
But why doesnít he wash his hair?
Help me Rhonda flaming hot lips
Don Letts start
That being said

My girl list
Margo Timmins
Bonnie Schneider
Christy Canyon
Jennifer Westhoven
Jessika Kane
And 29 more
The Celebrities Band
If youíre not going to talk to me,
Donít talk to me

Same day as DVD
Recall Ė for odor, off flavor
Darby OíGill & the Little People
Concentrate on the glove
Run through
Goulet criticism
Grandpa Gaga, old guy poke her face, book
Out of memory
Back on your game
Break it down
The Unappreciative Living
The fact remains
Chuggers (charity muggers)
Roast fish & cornbread
Thereís a word for you
(I canít place it)
A pack oí Tareytons
With a name likeÖ

Romantic farce
Can I come in?
Always think carefully before
Somewhere My Love (Zhivago)
Firing squad
Ben Mankowitz

Blend in
Makeup by William Tuttle
Y.A. Tittle
Costumes by Edith Head
My ears is hallucinatiní!
I know you know.

If you canít live without me, why arenít you dead yet?
Incremental shift
Wivesí tale
Fine as frogís hair
Illegal immigration
Magic mistress, mystic mattress
Leave the last ďsĒ off
Thy will be done
Robert Morley
Must rock
None of the above
Concrete Jungle Joe

Girl gone deaf
She donít play my music
She donít buy my records
True sense of self-worth
Edit pieces
Wake up, letís dance
Make a dirty face
Make sure
Ear plugs & Thugs & Harmony Hut

Iím a mean man
Sweet leaf, sugar leaf
I used to be a sugar boy
Always nice and (nutra) sweet
Splenda saccharine cyclamate
Plain salty sour
I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship
Lust and Larceny

Will you please stop drinking, for my sake?
Who said I was drinking for your sake?
9/11 (eleven) 20/11
Oceans eleven

How can u tell if they work?
No clear results
Besides florescent glow of urine
Are they supposed to make u feel better?
Immediately, or over time?
Are they supposed to make u feel stronger?
I feel nothing
Besides florescent glow of urine
Itís a rip off
Another good faith lie
I take double dose
Feel no change
I stop for awhile
Feel no change
Or is it another one of those:
They donít really improve your health
They just create an illusion
Youíd just feel so much worse
By NOT taking them
But you donít sense any
Improvement by taking them
Itís a sham
B-12, donít be ridiculous.

Wonít let others highjack the dream
Sharpton on Beck
I either got bug bites on my legs & feet
Or poison ivy, poison oak
Poison to poison
Hilarity ensues
National board of review
Burnt offerings
The walking eye

Well, the air around here is
Well, itís thick
But today?
I shall not breathe
What is life, if not breathtaking?
This article is an orphan
Harlan Lattimore
The colored Bing Crosby
Donít push me
Zasu Pitts
Needed indeed
Goodie mob deep throat culture
I love the homely stoned sexiness of
Nancy Newman
Aerial Drone

Mooslum hoodlums
Oh, bother!
Alright soldier, talk fast
Gladiator music
One moment, please
All the things you arenít
Bumper to bumper cars changing lanes
Lane? Come here, will ya?
Greatly reduced threat
A greater confidence
Justice will prevail
WebTV PayPal

Take the ďkĒ out of like
Critical pitiful
Not to be confused with the man of the same name
Urine leakage when coughing or sneezing
If u canít get a hard-on, get a gun.
At ease!
Moral: whatever you think, donít never Ö unless you will.
Criminal pitiful
Near biblical proportions

Up with this I cannot put
Empty rooms with locked doors
Seek and sought
Bedroom pop
But I donít have a bedroom, anymore
Tapes show chain of lies
Expert tip: get over yourselves
Mother, Jugs and speed
Grease drip stir fry
Bad encrypt dictionary
Get the tapes, Tuli
Take them
Bake them
Demag the tapes
Foolish blunder
He went out a winner.

Big dig
Hope we click!
Stem to stern
Date rapist
And peanut cream
Communist daily worker
Daonít be daft
Diploma for two
Claims to the contrary are false
Big rock candy mountain
Success kit
What do you mean to say?

Fever trade
Coast soap for the Coast Guard
Knute Rockne Ė All American Rockstar
At first glance
Thatís gotta hurt
Hushed reverential tones
Wu-Tang Klansmen clandestine
Click on the tab
Diet soft drink soda pop
Carbonated carbohydrates
Paint, sculpt
A perky pepperpot, Dr. Sgt.
Snitz Edwards

Homo homeowner
Whatryu gonna do about that!
Homie homeowner boner
Rent 1 or get a loaner
Get your property tax
J. R. Bob Dobbs Dobalina
Caucasian guilt
Loveladies NJ
Blunt force trauma
Look at THAT!

Mitrice Rushen
Height requirements
I figure Iím pretty cynical, but
Even I was smiling through tears at the end
Dead pan
At the Tally-Ho Tavern
Beer pong
Email me a reminder
So I donít miss it

Question of the Day
Brain seltzer
Pulling in major viewer mail
Stripey jumper
Cafť Society curtsy admin
Likes KD Lang
Crys O likes JD King, Kelly Lang, KT Oslin
KDA-FM, Payton Kemp
Cries oh
Clearly lacking the poise of later years
Jose iturbi
Met or exceeded requirements

Whiffle ball 600,000 HRs
Ulysses S. Grant permission
Youíre on.
Fair use provision law
Robbing Peter to pay Paul
Ariel sched
Do what now?
Costume roleplay
Violation of applicable laws
Iím telling you right now.

Progressive Field
Warning: contains spoilers
Bob Clearmountain
Assjack ticketron
Fred Below
Tweenage Spectacularge
Grunge crunch
Worldís largest collection of broken links
Phenomenal oeuvre
It donít take but a few minutes

Breaking the fourth wall
Hear the nuances and shadings in my voice
For a true portrait of contemplative despair
This storyline strays farthest from fact
Migrant mother thrush
Column 88 for Paper Cat

Get connected for free
A raving lunatic fringe
Education connection in reality
My CDís are boldly high-priced
Bold font, cash font

Cover my eyes
Butter my thighs
Words fail me
I hear itís tough out there
Planets of the Apps
Keep lines open
Is no disgrace
Robert Poland
Naked nude Ė at night
Broken social scene
Vibrant Ciribiribin
Air conditioner surrender
Hide stats
I wonít go that far
Go that far
Robert Pollen count

Dandelion greenyards
Mr. Subjectmatter
She & Him, the Bird & Bee
Maven of music, maven of movies
Expert in all things
Son of Bob
Heís scared, you know
When youíre going through hell, keep going
To get to the other side
Slick Rick
Peter Frampton cums! A lie!
Mr. Moah
Why is there silence?

Big Daddy Kane
Gives me migraine
Canthca put all info in 1 place
Non-sensical newage platitudes
Letís smoke some potassium
Sun Rat
Captive bolt pithing exsanguination
Knackerís yard
Is that a portrait uh da dog?
Telazol injection

If you had a wrongful death,
Whether yourself or a loved one,
You may be entitled to
Substantial compensation
Oceans of weep
My little intrigues
Consisting of a conflict and resolution
Sally Jessy Raphael slipmat
What recourse do I have?
Police chase on TV news
It must have been hard on your mother
Not having any children
Iím sort of done with that.

Bob Shelter
Traveling beerbellies
Anybody who has the temerity to
Ernie Ball vs Otto Bash
Ferret ambush
Hold your own
Los angeles California
Buy tickets now for best seats
Aw Gowanus
You donít want to debate
You want to eliminate
Flying off the handle
TMBG Ardolino
New policy
Bad dream
You provide the food
Iíll prepare it
Just say when

Dean martinís roast duck rock
Put those dynamos in balance
Good idea at the time
Lillian gish squish
I wish! Stv wondr
Ringtone Ė moons
Ocean explosion
School pennants & banners on my wall
Buddy Lee Attractions
Curated by Robert Smith
Lol! Tolhurst on Hillhurst
Leapy Lee
Mrs. Grissomís pimento cheese salad
Sponsored in part by
Gary War vs. Gary Wilson Sporting Goods in Gallatin
I donít always answer
Iíll try to make an exception in your case.

Roast duck
You donít express yourself to me
You donít react when I always express myself to you
Yoo Hoo!?
Roast duck
What am I heah?
Plant life?!
Roast duck
You never express yourself to me
You donít react when I always express myself to you
Yoo Hoo!?

Who AM i? Who am I?
What is my name?
What is my game?
Damn straight.

I wanna hit you
Get a room
Mission statement
She sends me sooo under over
And I kid you not!
Http proxy
Worse for wear
Mail order bride
East Village Eye
Take MY room
The most wonderful enterainment in the whole wide wonderful world
And ya know? Maybe it is!
Gives you time to do other things
Best kick/snare
048 Gateway! ďStyleĒ
Xstatik piece

Smudge Rodriguez
If u take one, why not leave one?
No cushion of sponsor funding
You might wanna come see this
For you, me & our families
Lyel Overbay
Weigh in
A nugget of bud
Intestinal fortitude

Yer not telling me enough
Yer not telling me nuh in
Handsanitizer recycling
Failure to disperse
What! No beer?
I will do as you say
A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance
When the need for illusion is deep
Darktown strutters ball
Call it quits
Leave R Stevie

Crushed by a runaway bale of hay
Habeas corpus floor samples
Let me be your lesbian
Your TV is hi-def, why arenít your music downloads?
Youíre on here, but youíre never on here
When will you be taking preorders?
NOW would be good.
Felix kubin cigar, castroil
Guest toothbrushes
Word girl
Casiotone for the painfree alone
Free vodka 8-9pm
Better not, might as well
Slow down to 90mph from 125,
Feels like weíre crawling.

MT the dresser drawer
Clothes on the bed
Eno & The Bunnymen
Under undue pressure
This section may contain original research
Itís the Four Preps
The Flim Flam Man
Fannie Battle Day Home
Rare brilli uncirculated
Refuses to flinch
Slightly epic proportions
If I can find one, itís gone!

Hedda heh, hedda heh
Jocular amusement
Big gut men, loungin’ around
Hedda hey
Bursts of
Giggles, snorts, torts, titter,
Jocular amusement
Cackle, chortle, chuckle,
Jocular amusement
Guffaw, snicker, snigger
(canít say thatín)
Jocular amusement
Mirth, scorn, laff a minnit
Laughing stock
Last laugh riff raff
He who laffs last laughs Pete Best
Out loud
(& proud)

Iím not allowed to express any communication
Iím an artist!
A poet, not a philosopher
Iím the
Professional amateur
Her lack of communication skills
When monthly upload limit lifts
Cardioid subway purse snatcher
Not a chance
Calls bullshit on the cassette revival
Hardest working man in no business
Sheer self display
Talk radio sceggy pue
But when you go to kiss her lips
She turns her head
Bread crumbs showering down
Calls bullshit on the vinyl revival

Scrape the fine sand off the
Bottom of my English muffins
Stop by
Bread mop up soup
Italian style wedding
I coulda had a V8
Restraining order
Not haviní it

She tries to keep my ego in check
Well, it canít be done
Washing garbage Ė I donít think so!
Shirley manson family
Vutch Big
Big dig
Style is in fashion
Fashion is in style
Pull on it
U know U want to.

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---------------------------------------------------- fin (c) r stevie moore